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Advice on Docetaxel


Advice on Docetaxel

Hey Ladies,
Hoping you can advise me.
I've had 3 rounds of EC. All worked well for the cancer, but all of which were horrid. 1st the worst and I was on hospital with unbearable headaches.
2bd and 3rd not so bad with headaches but nausea and weakness were awful and took me a good 10 days before I felt any sort of normal.
Tomorrow I start docetaxel.
Would be great to hear from any of you that have had Docetaxel and what I can expect.
Thanks in advance xxxx

Hi Ladies,


I had one treatment of Docetaxel following 4 FEC and after 4 days had every side effect known to man plus a lot more. The Oncologists and nurses rarely see such skin reaction so I have been assessed and now will be put on Taxel weekly - lower dose ! Here was I thinking only 2 treatments left and now I'm back to 6 of another drug! Scared to be honest as the side effects listed for Paclitaxel are the same as Docetaxel - I do not want to go through that experience again - hands and feet are still blistered now 2 weeks after treatment. Hoping reduced dose will not react as badly 😞

Helen x


My side effects are muscle aching and frequent loo visits. Paracetamol helps the aches. Quitting caffienated drinks helps with the stomach upset. Gentle stretching and hot baths also helps with the muscle aching

Hi Jay


I'm in Australia, where FEC followed by Docetaxel is pretty standard. I got through the FEC fine, but I had my first D last Tuesday and am still reeling around a bit. Day 3 started to feel crummy, then day 4 and 5 dreadful, and now I feel like the worst is over but still exhausted and nowhere near normal functioning. How have you gone? You must be about to do round 2.





Hi Jay68.
Thank you for replying and for the advice. I too am looking 4 cycles of docetaxel. I'm doing ok today. Will make the most of the next couple of days before the worse aches etc kick in.
I did try to join the October group but so much chat on there i just can't keep up xxx
Community Champion

Hi RehalM - I'm from May 2017 starters - so I finished my chemo back in August. I had 3 rounds of EC and 4 of Docetaxol (with Herceptin and Pertuzmab as I'm HER2+) - this regime is "different" to EC - we all react differently so my best advice is listen to your own body! Days 4-9 are probably the worse (taste and aches) - you will find comfort and gain support if you join one of the monthly threads. Good luck x