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Advice re-pain in back after LD recon 18mths ago


Re: Advice re-pain in back after LD recon 18mths ago

Hi Julie,

I had a bilateral LD flap recon 12 months ago and still have problems with the muscles contracting under my arms all day. This got much worse when I recently had a cold & cough, as every time I coughed the muscles contracted and made me sore and uncomfortable across my back, under my arms and across my front.

It is strange and I don't understand why but I also had pain in the area where the ports were removed and fluid was taken off my back.Perhaps there are some kind of tissue adhesions there which pull when you cough. I couldn't say I was doubled up in pain like you but I was very sore. It got better a week or so after the cough ended.

If you aren't better soon I'd have things checked out at the hospital


Advice re-pain in back after LD recon 18mths ago

Hi i had LD reconstruction 18 months ago, ive had a cold with a cough for the last week and have been doubled up with the pain in my back on recon side and under my breast when i cough. Its in the area that fluid was drained from after recon and also under my breast where the filling port was.J ust wondered if anyone else has experienced this with a cough or is it just me. I dont want to go to my GP every time i get a pain in case its nothing,but i literally have to hold both front and back if i cough or sneeze ?? thanks julie