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After Breast Implant Reconstruction


Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Helen, I have my six month check this Friday. I still feel sore and get pains sometimes. I'm still in soft crop bras with the occasional pretty one on a night out but don't think of it quite as much as I did. I don't think they prepare you for how it will really feel afterwards but then we're all different. I hope things keep improving for you. Must have been hard having had lumpectomy and chemo to then have to go through mastectomy anyway. Take care

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hello ladies.
Hope you don't mind me joining your conversation.

I had mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implant on 11th August so six months ago. This was after a failed lumpectomy and six months of chemo. I've had extra fluid put in three times and my surgeon is now happy with the overall look.

However, like you ladies I am struggling with the the constant pulling and heaviness and general uncomfortable feeling I have all the time. I've tried wearing different bras but nothing really helps. I was told it would tare a few months to settle down and I guess I'm expecting too much too soon.

Glad to hear I am not alone with these feelings.

Helen x

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

I have had similar dificult journeys and thankfull to this forum was able to ask for and get a DIEP reconstruction. A few minths ago id heard of non of this. After a bleeding nipple, told not cancer but have microdochectomy, which then revealed early DCIS. told no problem have a central resection to remove the DCIS which did not show on the mamagrams ot CT scans. More DCIS so answer a cavity shave for clear margins. No clear margins MORE DCIS and mutilated boob later i find out in the corridor by accident that i needed a mastectomy. By then i a was angry and pissed off but thankfully i had been on this forum looking at options of implants against using my own skin. When i went in the consultant says i will have to have a mastectomy and could have an implant. I said ive come this far so i want a DIEP reconstruction. He was taken back and said we only do implants here. I insisted i wanted a DIEP and I'm here at st Thomas hospital who do these daily. The operation was from 8.30am and finished at 2.30pm. The care was brilliant. Ive been monitored every 30 minutes to ensure no infection, seroma and that the new breast is working ie blood supply and no necrosis. I love my new boob and new flat tummy. Im going home today on day 4 of the operation. I wish i had not messed about with all these operations and gone for this DIEP in the first place. No chemo or radio treatment after. And I'm feeling blessed. Thanks to Steph and Schummi who had theirs first i knew what to ask for. St Thomas is a wonderful hospital if your near London toox if i had anything in other breast i would not pussyfoot around i wound have masectomy using my own tissue. Cant use my tummy again but i have thighs and a bottom to usex hugs to all

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Ladies


Just noticed post had new replies.


It is a couple of months since since I did it and things have changed. I feel better about implant it is still a work in progress but it is looking better.  Underarm still swollen and I have started to massage implant which I feel is softening it a bit. Using Bio Oil on scar and it is helping.  I am hoping when underarm swelling goes down it will make the breast feel fuller to the front not underarm lol. Compared to other it is smaller. 


Still have have issues with bras. Got the Curvissa bra and it is good and also a post surgery one from Triumph which I was measured for. The cups are formed so when in I look even. The middle of bra tends to pull towards normal breast if you know what I mean. I have bought so many my husband says I could have a bra shop lol.  I miss my underwire bras but have been told 6 months before I can.


i am able to forget about it when busy and started swimming to try to stretch muscle as well as stretching exercise. Hoping it will help spasms.


Feeling much more positive than I was although every morning I wake up it is the first thing I think of.

When I think back to 3 months ago there is a big difference so hopefully the next 3 months will  continue the improvement in both implant and emotions.


Good luck in your continued progress.


kindest regards


Helen xx

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Nic,

Thank you for your reply.  I've only just managed to find my way back to the post! It does help to hear from someone who has gone through the same experience.


I was told the implant would feel different but as you say, it feels like a ball and I want it to feel more soft. I look the same in underwear, although not back to wearing normal bras often yet, as I get sore. I think to everyone else all is fixed, it's just me that has to get used to it. It could have been so much worse.  Logically I know it had to be done but I have really struggled emotionally- although I'm better than I was.


You have given me hope that it will improve.  The surgeon and breast nurses aren't concerned, I suppose I didn't realise how long it would take. I will need a nipple and the other side needs lifting to make them look more even. I just need to be patient.

Really appreciate your reply. Teresa xx




Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Teresa, I also had DCIS like you and too widespread so mx with immediate reconstruction using mesh. My SNB was clear so no further treatments other than tamoxifen. My surgery was almost 2 years ago in Feb 15 and at the stage you are at now I was seriously wondering if I'd done the right thing as the foob felt like a football and always twinged a bit. However I can now say that it no longer aches every morning and it does feel more a part of me. It will always be numb but I don't have the constant awareness of it that I did have. I'm afraid it was well over a year though before this really happened so hang in there! I do still have stiffness under the arm when I stretch but other than that it is fine. There is a little creasing at times on the foob particularly after running etc and at times I can still see the ridge where the stitching went but this seems to depend on exercise etc and I don't think is anything to worry about. Hope things continue to improve for you, I was certainly glad I'd had it last summer when able to comfortably wear my swimwear on holiday! Best wishes Nic xx

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Helen

I know you posted a couple of months ago but your post could have been written by me. My first mammogram found DCIS and due to amount had masectomy with immediate implant . My drain also blocked and I also need no further treatment apart from meds.  


I know I have been very lucky but also really struggle with the implant and how it feels. My surgery was in August and I had to have a second surgery to remove a haemotoma following the blocked drain. I also had some fluid drained.

I still feel sore to the side and on the top where the muscle is. It hurts to lay on my front and I wonder if I'm ever going to feel 'normal' again.


I am also tired and get stomach cramps from my medication.

i wear Gemm soft bras from Amazon which were recommended. I was told by my surgeon that I can wear under wired bras and do occasionally but find the Gemm bra more comfortable for now.


I'm sorry I've not helped you but it is nice to find someone who feels like me and thank you to the other responses which also make me feel a bit better.

Thank you for listening


Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hello Helen, I went through the same as you 2 years ago. It does get better!! Its a real shock to the system, even though, like you, I felt so lucky not to need anything other treatment. I had to have the first implant changed, the one I have now has been in for 10 months and is much softer and comfortable now. Apart from just giving it time, the two most helpful things for me were doing the "pink ribbon" course of specialist physio exercises to help the chest muscle recover and also getting fitted with bras from Nicola Jane, which give the right support to my implant, especially as mine is quite large. Good luck and lots of love xx

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Thank you Liz you have made me feel more positive for the future. I know it is still early days for me and I am still swollen so imagine implant has not settled into place. BCN said to give it 6 months if not longer to settle and you have confirmed this. 


Like you I am small busted  and at the moment the implant is even smaller causing problem with bra comfort.  This also adds to the odd feeling but once swelling goes down will check out a fitting for Curvissa bra that has been recommended.


Thank you so much for replying I do appreciate it and it has been very comforting. 


Hope all goes well for you in the future and there is no more 'scares'.


Helen x

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi, just thought I'd add my experience. I too had implant recon at the very end of June - felt very odd at first but I gradually started to notice brief periods (10 mins or so) when I forgot about it cos it felt part of me, then it would feel tight and heavy again. Those periods got longer over time until now (nearly 5 months on) it feels normal most of the time and just occasionally odd, and I still notice a slight pull on the muscle if I do something 'heavy' with that arm. When I had first appointment to remove drains etc the nurse said it would take 6-12 months before it felt normal so it is a very gradual process. I'm only small breasted so I imagine it may take longer to get used to things with a larger implant.

Hope things soon start to settle and good luck with future monitoring, lets hope that's it now! xx

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Thank you Princess it has helped me lot to know I will get used to implant as the time passes. Just now it seems like a stone attached to me.  Mind you I know how lucky I am it could have been so much worse.


i will investigate the bra you suggested. I have bought all types from sports to these soft pull on ones. One day they feel not to bad and the the next I can feel them slipping. There is a good bra fitting shop near where I live so once swelling etc settles I will pay a visit and ask advice and check out the style/brand you gave me link for. 


It is so good to hear from ladies their experience I find it very helpful.


Have a lovely very weekend.


Helen x



Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Helen I to had to have a mastectomy and had immediate reconstruction using an implant. Like you I thankfully needed no further treatment.

I had my op in June, and it is now settling although it doesn't feel as natural as a normal breast. It also feels cold to touch, mainly because there is no breast tissue. I am getting used to that now though.
http://www.curvissa.co.uk/products/petite-fleur-pack-of-2-support-bras/_/A-455015_34C?searchResults=... As for bras, I've bought a few of these and find them very comfortable. My bcn advised non wired bras and total support.

I hope that helps, please ask if I can help with anything xxxx

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Lisa


I am so sorry that you are having to go through all the treatment it must be so hard on you. I know I am lucky that they cleared it through having the Masectomy.


You are right about it all happening so quickly I also reflect on whether the implant was the right decision. At the moment it feels so uncomfortable but I am hoping i will get used to it in the months to come. Once all the swelling goes down I will get a proper bra fitting and this may also help. 


Hope all goes well for you in the future, I will look out for your posts on here.


Take care


Helen x

Re: After Breast Implant Reconstruction

Hi Helen


I have had resconstruction and a breast implant that has been inflated twice to the max level of saline.  However, tomorrow I am seeing my surgeon to have some of the fluid removed as I am finding mine really bulky and unforumnable espeically at night time.


I don't think we will ever get used to it - just looking in the mirror everyday reminds me of that Woman Sad 


Everything moved so quick for me and on reflection I really did not think through my options and sometimes I wonder if it would have been better not to have had reconstruction.


I stil have two rounds of chemo to go and then 15 rounds of radiation in February which I am sure will cause some damage to the implant.  After radiation I will have to go back for surgery in order that I can have some fat put into some areas of my breast and upper chest wall as I some hollow areas which need filling out, so it will interesting to see what the final result will beWoman Sad


Lisa x

After Breast Implant Reconstruction

I have over the last month being reading through the posts gleaning information and any advice that may help my recovery. Thank you for posting.


I was diagnosed with DCIS in 3 places and underwent a masectomy and reconstruction with implant 4 weeks ago. All happened very quick and was only identified through Breast Screening.


After discussion with BCN and Consultant I was told because it was widespread it would have to be a Masectomy.  Thankfully it was done within the week and at the same time reconstruction was done using an implant. All went well and other than the drain getting blocked. Flushing did not clear it so it was removed which resulted in fluid build up which was after a few weeks drained.


The results from the Masectomy was I needed no further treatment and will have yearly checkups. Which is great news.


i am on the road to recovery but finding the implant breast hard to get used to. Does it ever feel like your own so that you never feel it is there as with normal breast. I still have a bit of fluid but Consultant today advised to leave until reabsorbed by body.  I am also finding it hard to get a bra that is comfortable. I have tried all sorts and although Sport Bras seem best option I wondered if anyone had found another good option. Doing the exercises but still tight at front shoulder and cleavage area where implant is attached to muscle.


i just wondered how long before you feel normal again. I still get tired but pace myself so coping and it is still early days. 


Thank you for reading this ramble. Any advice gratefully received.


Best Wishes to all.