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Alendronic acid anyone?


Re: Alendronic acid anyone?

thanks for your reply.


not on calcium, just through diet, as last time i was on adcal they put too much calcium in my blood and i was taken off them.


been put on vit d3 though as my levels were low.


i wont have any probs staying upright for half hour after as i have 2 young kids to keep me busy!!


Re: Alendronic acid anyone?

Hi Lolly


I have been on them for two years and am ok.

You need to take them with calcium too. Were you prescribed these?


Having said that - most of the female members of my family are on them (but in their 70s and 80s) and have many problems. They have all been switched to 6 monthly injections or yearly infusions which they have no problems with.


Worth giving it a go and seeing how you get on.


The worst part is the half hour needed to take them one morning a week!


Good Luck




Alendronic acid anyone?

Im 41 with osteopenia from 5 years of hormone treatment. This year, after 6 years, my cancer returned and am now back on letrozole for 10 years. Just had dexa scan and been put on alendronic acid to counteract letrozole thinning effect.

Anyone else on this weekly drug? All these drugs have so many side effects. Anyone ok on this drug?