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All Stage 4 comrades......Help please


Re: All Stage 4 comrades......Help please

Dear Ramade,


Firstly, thank you ever so for your reply. It means a lot to me.


Facing chemo. for the 3rd. time....this must be ever so hard...and I wish you some good days as you go through this.


Your advice is excellent.....I've been given a nurse @ my local hospice & on your advice, I will definitely be turning to her more.


'It' is such a very lonely journey......thank u for your understanding.....xx


Re: All Stage 4 comrades......Help please

Hi there, you can have pain, especially if the nerves are affected. do you have a pain nurse at your hospital or mcmillans, if you have neither and are really suffering go and talk to your local hospice. you should not have to suffer pain there are always more things to help. i am a fair way along the line and am about to start 6 months of monthly chemo for the third time as the pills aren't working.

hope you get some relief




All Stage 4 comrades......Help please

This April, it'll be 3 years since I received my Stage 4 diagnosis. I've various aches and pains....some a direct result of my surgery. However, I do have far more pain than I was used to. I'm on opiate patches, Oramorph & Amitriptiline.


Is pain just part of the cancer journey & how on earth do we know if its bad enough to report to our oncologists?


I'm totally bemused and confounded......any wise words would be welcome....Woman Happy