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Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

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Re: Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

Hi Tina50,

Thank you for the update and I hope you are recovering well.

Having the tissue expanders is not such a nice thing, but on the other hand, should chemo and/or radiotherapy be required after your pathology results come back - it is a better option for a visually better outcome, once reconstruction begins. Implants can be affected by these treatments, so it is a precaution.

Have they discussed with you the risk of lymphedema? And how you are to manage it? - Did they take nodes from both sides or just one?

You asked with regards to hormone therapy in your initial post.  Most women cope very well with it, but it does mean the onset of an enforced menopause, with all this involves for us individually. In effect estrogen will be withdrawn from your body and production inhibited. This also means, that usual supplements, which can help with menopausal symptoms, such as soya, black cohosh and purple clover - are off the menu.

No phytoestrogens...!

If you are still sexually active and/or intend to be in the future - it might be an idea to discuss with your medical team vaginal atrophy and how you might be able to avoid it. Sorry to be a little open about this - but if it should occur - it can be rather challenging.

My thoughts are with you - you will recover - and next year it will all behind you and your life will move forwards again.

Huge Hugs

Sue xxx




Re: Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

Hi there


Quick update: my summer recovery plan has now gone. I had SNB a week ago and then a double mastectomy last Friday. I was due to have implant reconstruction at the same time but ended up with tissue expanders. I'm reading up about it but now I'm looking at another surgery in 6 months with nipple reconstruction 3 months later. Now it feels like it's never ending but I'm trying to focus on the positives that the lump has gone and my nodes were clear. Chemo is still an option and I'll hear about that next week. 


I came home yesterday, the pain is manageable but I can't sleep as I'm used to sleeping on my side which isn't possible at the moment and night time tv is rubbish. 


Anyway, thanks for the responses. It feels like I asked that question a lifetime ago already. 

Good luck all


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Re: Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

Hi Tina50,

sorry to have to see you here, but glad you have found this fantastic site and forum.

I can only echo Jobey68's comments.

Having been diagnosed with a lobular invasive in January this year - my hopes were very similar to yours.

And my nodes were clear! I did have a skin sparing mastectomy with an implant reconstruction AND am fortunate enough that the surgeon was able to fashion a nipple from my breast skin. So - I look nearly the way I did before it all started - still healing, still settling - but absolutely fantastic!.

As to further treatment -  I keep my fingers firmly crossed for you that the pathology results after your operation will be such, that you can avoid chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Will look out for you and here to support you, as all of us are


Sue xxx



Re: Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

Hi Tina, it's great that you are feeling so upbeat about things and there is every chance things will go exactly as you are expecting, of course until everything is tested after your op you will not know for certain that no treatment will be needed, I had a lumpectomy and Radiotheraphy which was a relatively straight forward and dare I say "easy" ride for me , I found the mental side far harder so you are one step ahead at this stage with your positivity! Taking hormone tablets can give you aches and pains and menopause symptoms but generally there are ok so nothing major for most of us who take them, here's hoping all goes to plan for you! Xx Jo   


Am I underestimating what's about to happen?

Hi all


I live in Holland, I'm 50 and diagnosed last week with a hormone induced, 5.2cm lobular tumour.  


They're 95% certain it's not in my lymph nodes and are recommending a full breast removal (and reconstruction I hope).  They've not recommended radiotherapy or chemo yet but hormone therapy for 5 years.


I'm pretty calm about it all as it feels like once the surgery is done within the next month I'll be on the road to recovery with just a daily pill to remind me of my summer. 


Am I totally underestimating what's about to happen to me?  Has anyone had removal and reconstruction without needing radiotherapy or chemo? Are there side effects of the hormone therapy that will be life changing? 


Thanks for any advice