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Anastrozole, Calceos and prediabetes


Re: Anastrozole, Calceos and prediabetes

Thanks for your reply. You know, I have no idea how my pre-diabetes is! Perhaps I should go back and have a re-check, but after the initial shock, I got over it and have pretty much carried on. There isn't too much I could change anyway - I'm a real lightweight at 7 stone, so dieting is out. I don't eat cakes, biscuits, sugary or fatty foods and one of my main interests is walking, even long distances with active trekking holidays - so no problems there. The wine is still an issue ... when I get worried (about anything) it's the first thing I stop. But when i get cheerful and optimistic (about anything!), I have a bad habit of opening the chardonnay.


Wha IS interesting is that after one year on anastrozole, my joints no longer ache and I'm as flexible as I was before. Well, almost. Of course there has been some side effects from the anastrozole, but on the whole, I feel well.


Having said that, you've reminded me about the pre-diabetes and I may well ask for a blood test. How are you?


Love Cherry

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Re: Anastrozole, Calceos and prediabetes

Hi Cherry,
How are you? Has the diabetes got worse ? I think giving up the drink is a good idea but don't deny yourself completely the odd glass now and then should be ok do,you do much exercise? I used to but my joints have been so painful what are yours like?

Anastrozole, Calceos and prediabetes

I've been prescribed calceos to supplement calcium and vitamin D whilst on anastrozole to help possible thinning bones, and have been recently diagnosed with prediabetes - a condition that can end up as diabetes 2 if I'm not careful. I'm slim, eat well (enough) and am active so wouldn't normally think myself a candidate - except for three things....

1) I drink too much alcohol - actually, DRANK too much alcohol. This diagnosis has got me to quit - up to five bottles of wine a week so very naughty - perhaps this can bring on diabetes?

2) Calceos - a high calcium and vitamin D supplement - can that bring on prediabetes?

3) Anastrozole - can this bring on prediabetes?

The nurse asked me to stop drinking for three months and look at my lifestyle, then get checked again, but I wonder if any others have been diagnosed with prediabetes as a possible side effect from any of the above? I hope it's the wine because that doesn't help with anything, whereas Calceos and anastrozole does.
Many thanks! Cherry