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Another newbie


Re: Another newbie

Thank you JCJ and susieseaside64. I seem to have two identical threads going at the moment because I posted one yesterday and then was asked to change my username!
Good advice about the 'not googling'. I know that there's loads of rubbish out there which is not up to date/correct. I am on leave this week which is good because I can start to get my head round things on my own. My husband is wonderfully supportive and has been great but I think you also need time on your own to really get to grips with what's happening.
Anyway, toodle -oo for now
R xx

Re: Another newbie

Hi Rachel
I'm finding this resource very useful as are the BCC booklets mentioned above.
Everyone is very friendly and supportive.
I'm quite a 'new girl' too as I had WLE last Friday and waiting for results on 6/3. I had no pain to speak of affter WLE (in fact I ate a large hospital meal that night!) but have a seroma (build up of fluid) which is not painful.
Waiting is tough but I 've just started a project which will take me up to the date of my results. Hopefully it will be a bit of a distraction. I'm also making the most of the time off work and meeting friends for lunch etc. 🙂
I hope you have your scan soon and can tick off the first bit of treatment.
Best wishes

Re: Another newbie

Hi Rachel

Sorry you have had to joion our elite little club, but welcome aboard! You will find loads of support and friendship here.

The initial waiting for results and a treatment plan is definitely the worst part. Once you know what you've got to do, you can get on with it and start to tick things off.

I had a recall from my routine mammogram end of Jan 2012, WLE and SNB end of Feb. Chemo suggested but declined (I was borderline for it to have been of benefit). RT for 3 weeks April/May (following my already-booked-before-diagnosos Easter holiday!) Double hormone therapies.

I have been back at work since September, and am gradually returning to 'normal'. There are many ladies on here (and some men!) who are now back in the land of NED (No Evidence of Disease) and hopefully you will be before too long too.

Best pieces of advice I had: 1) DON'T GOOGLE - stick to this website and other reputable cancer sites such as macmillan and CRUK or you will scare yourself half to death with out-of-date, or just plain wrong information.
2) Be prepared to feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. You will feel very vulnerable/scared/tearful. This is PERFECTLY NORMAL. We've all been there, and believe me it DOES GET BETTER.
3) Limit your research to what is relevant for your situation - no point reading about chemo SEs unless you actually need to go there - ditto secondaries! It's all ver scary - One step at a time!
Feel free to rant on here to express your worries (sometimes it helps to save worrying family and friends)

Good Luck with it all. Cyber hugs.

Re: Another newbie

Hello rachel

Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis, the first few weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with your diagnosis and treatment.
As well as the support you will receive on the forums you might find it helpful to order the BCC resources pack. It has been specifically designed for those newly diagnosed and contains information to help you understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like to order a copy just follow the link bellow:-


You may also like to talk things through with one of the helpline staff, they are there to offer emotional support as well as provide information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

Best wishes

June, moderator


Another newbie

posted on behalf of new user rachel
Hi All
Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to all this, diagnosed only last week (20.2.13). At the moment it's all very daunting and worrying but I've been reading all my info from the hospital like a good girl!
Currently I'm waiting for an MRI scan so they can formulate a plan. All I know is that it will definitely involve some sort of surgery, hopefully lumpectomy, and probably a course of chemo. I just wish I could get on with it now, don't want to be waiting around!
Looking forward, if that's the right phrase, to getting to know some of you who are going through the same sort of thing as me.