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Any experiences of Wythenshawe (Manchester) breast surgeons (mastectomy and reconstruction) please!


Re: Any experiences of Wythenshawe (Manchester) breast surgeons (mastectomy and reconstruction) plea

Hi superted123 and welcome to the BCC forums

I am pleased you have found the forums and BCC information so helpful, please also feel free to call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

Here's a link to further support ideas such as our 'Live chat' and 'Someone like me' service which you may also find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Any experiences of Wythenshawe (Manchester) breast surgeons (mastectomy and reconstruction) please!


I have 6 wks left of 6 cycles of FEC-T chemo (following a WLE-for triple negative tumour - clear margins, no lymph involvement) - the original plan was to have radio immediately following the chemo. To cut a long story short, however, I am now potentially going to be having to make a fast decision within the next 6 wks about whether to have a prophylactic mastectomy (instead of radiotherapy at the end of my chemo) IF genetic testing reveals I have the dodgy breast cancer gene (my mum had breast cancer too at my age - 34)...and not just make the decision but have the op within this 6-8wk time period too!  Therefore I'm trying to educate myself (and my chemo foggy brain!) as much as possible in advance given the potentially very tight time frame between discovering the gene result and having the op.


was particularly wondering if anyone has any experiences that they might be prepared to share, specifically with regards to the surgeons at Wythenshawe as that's where I'll be referred from the Christie if the gene is found.  Please could you personal message me if you can help as I would be very much be interested in any surgeons there you might recommend (or ones to avoid!)... or even Manchester surgeons more generally.  Also I am a little worried I might end up having to go private if I can't get it done on the nhs in the 6 wk time frame so if anyone has recommedations for private surgeons in the north west I'd be most grateful.(My nhs breast care nurse is doing what she can to faciltate the fast track genetic testing and potential surgery referral if required but I do get anxious sometimes about the speed the nhs operates!!).


Many thanks!!


NB I have been reading the excellent booklets on genetic testing, prophalactic mastectomy and reconstruction written by BCC.. as well as forum threads on the different kinds of reconstruction, which I have been finding very helpful.  A big thank you to those who bravely post to this forum and help educate novices like me  I have so far only 'lurked' to date and this is my first post, as just simply reading others posts so far has really helped allay lots of anxieties on my journey so far!