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Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?


Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

I'll join you on that thread, but I will just clarify that my chemo is every 3 weeks. That is pretty standard. It works out that you have 2 weeks of feeling pretty bad and a week of near-normality each cycle.


See you on the other thread.

Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Gosh Janeo - that's amazing to have that shrinkage in such a short time - good on your partner. Hope all continues to go well for her.   I'm not sure what FEC-T is, but I'll now look this up. I've been worried mine is growing, but saw my breast nurse today and she didn't think it would be.  I think the mastectomy is because as well as the tumour there will be other stuff, such as calcification etc, that will need to comeout and in the end for safety I think it will be reassuring (for me) to know it has all gone.  I really wish her all the best, and you too of course. Be strong. xx

Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Hi Sue, and thank you for posting. Gosh sounds similar. Your children, like my girl, are at a critical stage education wise, so I'm really thinking of them too and hoping they are coping well. 

You were put onto chemo really quickly!!! My goodness. I'm still on the MRI/CT phase and will not get my plan until next week - (today is day 9). Sounds like your chemo is weekly rather than once every three weeks which is what I've been told mine will be. But the jelly result sounds exactly what my breast nurse is anticipating - she says chemo will "melt" my tumour.  It must feel fantastic to know that the chemo is doing its stuff.  The BCC moderator has put a link to the chemo first thread - shall we meet up on that?


Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Hello LollyMum


Here is a link to the thread on Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy



You may also like to talk to a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.


Best wishes

June, moderator

Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Hi Lollymum (& everyone else !)

There is a thread somewhere about 'neo-adjuvant chemotherapy'. It seems it is given in order to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. My partner was diagnosed in November & started chemo in December - FEC-T but with the 'T' first (this too seems to be unusual looking at other threads). She has just had her first FEC (well, last Friday). She has seen really good shrinkage, the tumor was extremely agressive (it grew 4cm between DX & the MRI in December (about 3 weeks) reaching 9cm in all. Now (according to a CT scan 3 weeks ago) there is no evidence of it at all (currently waiting for an ultrasound). At DX she was told she would have chemo, surgery(probably mastectomy), radiotherapy as well as hormone treatment. I thought the idea was to try & prevent the need for a mastectomy (if tumor responds well), but I've read on the other thread that some people have still had this- I don't know whether that was a choice thing. Everybody's journey is different to some extent I guess. Although initially my partner was disappointed not to have surgery first (she just wanted it all gone) it has been reassuring to see it shrink (hopefully disappear)- I hope your response is as positive.

Good luck



Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Ditto. Grade 3 5cm tumour in left breast with infected lymph nodes in armpit. Oestrogen position but Her2 negative. Diagnosed in December and started chemo 11 days later. I was bald one week into January.


I was put on a course of 6 x FEC-T. I've finished the FEC and had my first dose of taxotere (T) on Wednesday this week.


My tumour has collapsed and turned almost to jelly  - it had been hard and swollen like an egg before the chemo started. They say the taxotere will now shrink it.


My final dose of taxotere will be on 2nd April, then I have to have ultrasound, mammogram and CT scan again to look at everything, then go back to the breast surgeon to prepare for my mastectomy in May. Radiotherapy in the autumn and reconstruction next year. That's all I know right now.


Real rollercoaster, but everything is going to plan. They know their stuff!


I'm 48, married with 2 sons aged 17 and 14, and my name is Sue, by the way.  I'd be more than happy to link up with you through this, if you'd like, and I'm on Facebook if you'd like to link up there.


I know what you mean. I joined the December Angels monthly group, but there is only one other person in there that is having their op afterwards as well. We are in the minority!


I hope my story has cheered you up. We can all beat this, whatever path we take x

Re: Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?

Hi Lolly Mum,
I'm having chemo first too, had 2 so far and my third is next week.
I also have a grade 3 and will be having an mx too. I wasn't that happy about having chemo first when I found out- but now since I've starred having my tumour has shrunk considerably so it's know it's working, it's been great mentally for me it's given me a real boost.
I'm guessing you may have children I have 2 aged 11 and 3.
Best wishes
Emma xx

Anyone else had or having chemo before Mx?


I'm a real newbie. I'm struggling to find anywhere on the boards to link up with others who will have (or have had) chemo BEFORE they have a mastectomy. 

I've a very large grade 3 IDC which they want to reduce before I have surgery. I'd love to be in contact with anyone who has been through and come out the other side! Or to be buddies with any going to go through it.