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Anyone ever had a stent put in?

Anyone ever had a stent put in?

Seems quite an uncommon situation with breast cancer, more common with lung cancer, but I have a recurrence of TNBC in a lymph node underneath my ribs, to the right of my sternum. It's obstructing my main vein to the heart , superior vena cava, and causing uncomfortable symptoms of presssure in the head and neck. I had 5 shots of radiotherapy in mid June to shrink the tumour, which seemed to work for a few weeks, but the pressure is coming back again and now there is talk of inserting a stent to hold the vein open to buy me some time to get me started on some drug treatment, chemo or a trial. Currently just on dexamethasone to ease the swelling, but oh I how I hate being on steroids! Sore mouth, sore tummy, nausea, weak legs, awful side effects. Was feeling quite terrified at the thought of stent insertion but now I just want the pressure to ease and to get off the steroids..... 

Has anyone else ever had a stent? bit of a random question I know and I expect the answer to be a deafening silence!!