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Anyone just having EC?


Anyone just having EC?

Hi all,

I had my first cycle of FEC 4 weeks ago but as my side effects were so bad my cycle last week was postponed while I had some heart monitoring tests.


I had cycle 2 yesterday and the consultant has changed my treatment to just EC. He explained that there is no evidence to show that EC is less effective than FEC and that some hospitals use one and some the other.  But I can't help but wonder why they would add the 'F' if it didn't improve treatment.


It's too early to know whether I'll feel better this cycle but with the FEC I was down and out for 9-10 days with two A&E visits.


Look forward to hearing from any fellow EC-ers!


Carmen xx

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You're right Caroline, it does all happen very quickly... seems odd that at very beginning of Nov there was nothing wrong with me, not that I knew about anyway! The past almost 7 months have passed by so quickly and yet so much has happened.

Good luck with your return to work, gradually building up hours/days is definitely the way to go. I imagine it'll be quite exhausting to start with but if it's the right time for you then go for it!

Now you're making me laugh too... imagining your prosthetic floating around the pool!

I've done very well today, no sofa naps and was even dressed before 9am... tonight is a no zopiclone night so wanted to do all I could to help myself sleep naturally tonight.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend xx

Hi Everyone,


Im happy to hear you've finally finished with chemotherapy Carmen. Ive shed an an awful lot of tears since chemo finished and for me it has been about catching up with what has happened over the last few months as like most women, everything happened very quickly for me.

It's 8 weeks since my last EC and things feel better/clearer now so hang in there hun.


The cumulative tiredness does seem to have caught up with us all. I think we just have to give in and rest as it's the body's way of telling us to s l o w down. Like you, Im very impatient to get back on with life but we need to heal first. I spoke to my BCN yesterday and she reminded me, yet again, to think about the onslaught of surgery/toxic drugs not to mention the emotional stress and that our bodies are still adjusting and mending.


Hopalong, you sound very busy and well done for going swimming. Ive not managed to go just yet. Planning to tag along with hubby and our boys next week but will make sure the old prossy secure. You made me laugh when I read about your saga. I can imagine mine floating away....... and if it does I will ignore it!! ha ha.....

How are are you getting on with the hormone tabs? .... Im on my 2nd pack and have had a bit of joint pain and mild hot flushes but fine otherwise.

Im hoping when I get back to an exercise routine i will see off any aches and pains. Its not gunna beat me!


Ive decided it's time for me to go back to work so Im going in next week to discuss a phased return.

Yikes Ive been off almost 8 months. Its gunna feel very strange but yeah it's time and that feels good.


Have a fun weekend xxx





Emotions going crazy right now, I cry at everything, happy, sad... whatever it is I'm in tears! Just been out for a walk with the boys and now another DVD! Just can't contemplate a full day out with them. Trying not to fall asleep on the sofa today!

Wow, you have a very busy Wednesday at the hospital! I have herceptin on Monday, echocardiogram on Thursday and six month check up with BCN the following Monday. I'm also due a follow-up with cardiology in June... seems quite light on appointments. I've got 4 more reflexology sessions at the hospice and I really would like to get my sleeping pattern back to somewhere near normal, but until then I'll have to get some more sleeping pills from the GP.

Glad you're not feeling so tired, are you able to sleep at night when you don't get up until late morning?

Especially when it happened twice couldn't work out why first time. That will teach me to be a cheap sake and using something I already had.
Drum roll please reordered stick on prosthetic has arrived and I can collect/have it fitted on Wednesday (instead of Tuesday to save me a trip to hospital) when I go to oncologist.

cancer card worked today as well when rang for an X ray appointment GP has arranged can also be done on Wednesday (changed from next Friday) pre oncology so might have an answer for my hip pain.
Still went nordic walking today despite wind and rain tying to keep mobile.


Congratulations chemo grad. You've certainly done your time. Take it easy on these next few days, watch for the emotions everything seemed to hit me post chemo.
I don't seem so tired this week but then I haven't been waking up until 11 as both sets of neighbours are away.
The hospice has been closed this week so feel a little lost.
The prosthetic incident was quite amusing especially wg


Well done on your swim. I had my PICC line out today as onc has cancelled last chemo (as you already know, hopalong), so I'll have no excuse to stay out of the pool now! Well, other than sheer laziness 😉

Had a laugh with you about your prosthetic!

Still tired, it's weird how it's just suddenly hit this week. Yesterday I could have easily stayed in bed all day, sadly I had to get up and pretend to be a good mum... DVD on, sweets supplied while I have a snooze on the sofa! Joking aside we did go to the zoo for a few hours before the DVD went on.

Have fun everyone xx

Didn't make it to aqua zumba, but did go for a swim. (Well a few lengths)I'm shattered now.
Decided to put costume on before going out no issues fitting prosthetic into modesty pocket but cue comedy moment when lifted costume to put it on and prosthetic fell straight out of the bottom. Boob section not attached to the costume but to the lining. A couple of safety pins later and good to go.


Have fun at aqua zumba, sounds fun. A new leisure centre has opened about 6 miles away, I'm going to get a tour after I'm through next chemo and maybe join up, it can be my new hobby! Will need more energy than I have at the moment though!

The boys have been good today, but was falling asleep on the sofa at 4 pm while they watched a film and then the phone rang, so no sleep after all... very annoying.

Next (last) chemo is next Monday, but have meeting with onc on Thursday to discuss my allergic reaction so I'll see what he has to say. Hoping he just reduces the dose rather than cancel it altogether.

Enjoy the class tomorrow 🙂

Glad you managed your BBQ Carmen, I must admit I am wondering when summer is going to begin, hope the children aren't being too rowdy for you.
When's your last chemo I've lost track?
I'm going to brave the swimming pool tomorrow I've found an aqua Zumba class on a lunchtime so thought I'd give it a try.
Take care all x


Well, we had our BBQ even though it was a bit breezy... live for the moment! 🙂

Hi Hopalong, I'm glad you got signed off work for another two months, it'll give you a good amount of time to really start to recover and I'm sure the GP will extend that if needed.

Kids are on half term next week and this is the first holiday since diagnosis that I'll have to look after them solo. Hubby was off work for all the others. Pretty sure I'll be falling asleep on the sofa at the end of each day!

Had a quiet morning as older boy was on a Scouting overnight activity last night so he went back to bed when he got home and we went into Chester in the afternoon.

Have a lovely relaxing rest of the weekend everyone... still hoping for BBQ weather on Monday!


Evening ladies,

Managed to get in touch with a GP and have another sick note for 2 months, GP was happy to give me a longer one.

Have spent the day resting after my exertions yesterday, No plans for my bank holiday will play it by ear. I know I have a bit of garden maintenence to do and M&S has donated my weekend meals.

Hope we all manage a good weekend x


Hi all,

I don't envy you both the decision of when to go back to work. I think it's important not to rush back, especially if you have stressful jobs.  Prior to diagnosis I was half heartedly looking for a job having been a stay at home mum for many years now but I think that any desire I had to rejoin the world of work has left me now! 


I went to the cinema with my Mum last week and had a lot of mini sleeps throughout the film. Although, for me, that was quite normal prior to "all this"!


I've had a busy day today, I went for a two hour walk, then met up with a new friend that I met on the Younger Women facebook site and chatted for three hours, then this evening went to the forest to try out my new bow on the archery range. Hubby bought me a new bow as a post chemo present (which he let me have early). Tomorrow I'm meeting with another friend whose daughter has just changed schools and is in the same class as my older boy.


My face is still bright red and my hands quite sore, I'm seeing the oncologist next Thursday and BCN thinks he'll reduce the dose of my final(!!!) chemo... feels good to say that 😉


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, let's hope for BBQ weather!


As predicted I fell asleep but just managed micro ones, only 1 point I had to lean over and ask what was happening, went to see the Spooks film.

Had a nice coffee with my chemo buddy.

No lie in for me tomorrow as have to get up early to try and get into GP this will be the fith day of trying, at 8.15am i was number35 in the telephone queue to eventually get through and find no appointments.

Carmen hope your hands are better get in touch when you can

Take care xx


Hope you managed to stay awake today. Could be a challenge in the cinema tho!

Your wise not to return to work till you feel ready. My onc told me 2 to 6 months recovery but suppose we all different & of course if does depend on what you do. I work in the community with vulnerable children & families. The work can be stressful & I can do without the stress just now so hoping a phased return will ease me back s l o w l y.

Thinking about you in the cinema reminding me of the other week when I took my sister along with me to a guided relaxation session at the Haven. Where she promptly fell asleep & started to snore. It was really funny .... we did laugh!!

I'm flagging a bit today as probably over did it yesterday but the bedroom almost done now.

Hope you feeling ok today Carmen & hi to anyone else out there.



Waiting I wish my tiredness would pass.
My oncologist said I would need 3 months off work which took me to June. There is no way I could go back at the moment. Was discussing it today at the hospice and even one of the other patients said your not ready to go back.
I have done nothing much today but again have struggled to stay awake. Don't know what's best fight it or give in.
Busyish day tomorrow meeting someone who had chemo with me for coffee then Nordic Walking before meeting a friend and going to cinema then for a meal. It will be an expensive afternoon nap.
Night night x


just put the washing out, lots and lots of it as the sun a out and it's lovely out there. Then PING!!!! the washing line snapped....oh noooooooo ...... aghhhhhhh!!!!


Hi Everyone,


Hopalong, think the tiredness is quite normal. It comes over me like a blanket suddenly and I NEED to sit down for a while but it does pass quickly.


I agree with you both about the support available for us in terms of alternative treatments. Yes really helps.

Although, Ive nothing planned for this week, must get something booked for next week.

Maybe a Nordic Walk. Think that could be quite funny with lots of people with in the centre of Leeds?


Carmen sorry to hear your suffering again, it sounds just horrible. I hope your starting to feel better and have been able to get out and about with your friends.

Seeing friends is soooo important. Mine have been just amazing throughout....


Not managed a swim yet this week as decided to decorate my sons bedroom instead as he away on holiday.

Probably taken on too much ....  but Ive got till Saturday to finish.


Just having a much needed tea and cake break ......phew!


Ive roped in a friend for my first swim session as Im feeling very self conscious just now.

Not like me at all but guess under the circumstances no surprise.


Hopalong have you got plans to return to work yet. Im thinking of going back mid June on a phased return.

Everyone tells me it's too soon but I think it's time for me. Im just little worried about the tiredness but that could go on for months.....




Yes, normally it's just 6 sessions at my hospice but they gave me an extra 2 and then another 3. They're so lovely.

And I am totally going to listen to onc and go with whatever he says, no arguments!

I know you want to through everything at this but think you may have to admit defeat and have a reduced dose for last time


Your hands sound bad Carmen, glad they are feeling a little easier this evening and you are managing to type.
I love my local hospice I find it a support going there. I was incredibly lucky as they continued my treatments on throughout chemo only normally have 6 sessions. It's a drop in service and a very upbeat place with lots of laughter.
Enjoy your trips out later this week. X


Definitely want the nice weather back, I feel so cold all the time.

Hubby took the day off work to be with me today as I cried on him when I got up this morning as my hands were so sore from the chemo reaction that I'd told the onc I wasn't going to have! Guess onc knows best. I have the rash on my hands and face again, and my hands were burning this morning and the skin was so swollen and hot that I couldn't bend my fingers... feel very foolish for persuading onc to continue. Anyway, they currently feel a lot better due to the creams I've been applying all day.

I am having a social week, met a friend yesterday and meeting two others on Thurs and Fri. Had my PICC line flushed this morning and reflexology too. The hospice gave me some aloe vera and calendula cream for my hands and some extra sessions of reflexology. I think they feel sorry for me!

Hopalong, I'm sure you're not moaning that much, it's going to take time to get back to feeling normal. I'm sure many ladies in your position feel relentlessly tired. My sleep was improving before starting docetaxel, but the onslaught of steroids and different chemo meds has made it worse again. When you see your GP ask about your tiredness, they might have some good ideas!

Take care all x


Caroline you've got Nordic Walking it's supposed to be kind to the joints. Mine are still protesting.

I popped in to work today stopped about 15mins to say hello and to put some money into peoples collections.

Still feeling tired and am starting to bore myself now with moaning.

No bakery products for me over the weekend, went out on Saturday but all teashops full and spent Sunday recovering from Saturday and as weather not good stayed in and watched TV.

Hope everyone has a good week I've just got 1 appointment so far in my diary but just had a phonecall from Physio about my NHS acupuncture and need to see GP this week for a sicknote extension.

Take care x


That's a good description of Nordic Walking. Good luck with the swimming next week, you'll be fine. We have a Center Parcs break booked for end of June so that will prob be the first time I go.

I'm doing ok on se for this cycle, it's not as bad as last time. I've been out to the shops with my family this morning, with my pole too, and had a subway for lunch. And Hopalong, a scone to follow when we got home! 🙂

Hi Everyone,


Is Nordic walking the one where you have a pole in each hand ..... bit like skiing but without the skis? Am sure my local Haven do some sessions maybe I will join .....


I exchanged the swimsuit at the Sarah Jane shop and  Ive got a really nice one. So now will have to summon up the courage to take my new body for a swim next week. eeek where did my confidence go .......


Hopalong, I will have a look at the Asda swimwear but Im tall and probably wont be long enough but sounds like a great price. The one I got today was £40 but I must admit Ive spent more on bikinis in the past.

You did right to have a food treat today but hope you can get the nausea checked out as sounds like your suffering with it.


Dropped my son and his girlfriend off at the airport this afternoon. Its his first time abroad without mum and dad ........ yikes ....... but they full of confidence and have arrived safely. phew!


Carmen ...... hang in there. Your almost done.









Well done you on the Nordic Walking. There's a group in our village, maybe I should try it post chemo.

The thought of a big Mac turns my stomach right now but I'll have the scone please 😉

Sorry that you're still getting the long periods of nausea, is it getting any less frequent, have you mentioned it to anyone? It doesn't sound like any fun at all!

Feel like I want to fast forward to mid June when I'll be past chemo and post se... getting a bit bored of it all now! 😉

Evening all, nice day where I am too. I was naughty today and had a big Mac and fries in the park followed by a coffee and scone.
I then went to beauticians and had my acrylics removed my own nails have grown quite well and look ok. Had some shellac put on to try and keep them that way. The hospice nurse will be jealous next week when she sees them.
The beautician found enough eyebrows to tint too so that's one less job.
Have I mentioned I've started nordic walking the council have 3 groups during the week but had to give it a miss this week as my hips were quite sore. I'm also hoping to have my first pool trip next week, am planning to use a costume I've already got as my been a boob will fit into the modesty pocket. Waiting Asda do a swimsuit for less than £10 to fit a prosthetic.
Hope you feel less aches tomorrow Carmen and you can make it from the sofa to a deckchair if the weather remains good.
Had a rough night last night feeling sick following my meal over 4hrs of feeling nauseous. I wasn't a happy bunny.
Have a good weekend


Such a beautiful day today and all I could do was sit on the sofa groaning! 😉
Actually I'm not that bad, just achy and weak legged, so unable to get out.

Glad you're feeling better and getting out and about, the trekking pole is good, I've actually wanted one for ages but had a good excuse to get one now.

I hope you find a swimming costume that's suitable, pre-chemo I was mostly a size 12 but I got a size 14 costume as the cups on the 12 weren't big enough. I've put on about a stone with chemo and its all on my belly... can't wait to get rid of it!

I have reflexology on Monday which will be much appreciated following this weekend of se.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

H Carmen,


Hope are the side effects are being kind and you coping & getting some sleep. Bet you can't wait to get the picc line out. Just one more then it will be gone. You will be thrashing up and down the pool before you know it!


The swimsuit I ordered has arrived but its going back as not great fit Im just not sure what size I am any more lol..... Think I need to have a trip to Nicola Jane tomorrow to choose a different one.


Thanks for telling me about the blog. I will have a look. My surgeon told me that I can make an appointment to discuss recon further and have a look at some pics before I make my mind up. So this is what I plan to do.


Went for a 2 hour walk yesterday in the sunshine.... I Iove the sound of your trekking pole.....but its rubbish you feel so wobbly. I felt very unsteady on EC but it's passed. Still fancy a pole though.


I've guess ive taken the views around where I live for granted until yesterday. Think BC has made me appreciate things much more of late.


Also got my sense of smell back & just little things like the smell of clean sheets or when hubby or the boys come inside the house bringing that smell of fresh air. Everything smells just lovely.....

Omg feel like I've been numb for so long.


Think I probably walked bit too far as been tired today but still went to Haven for aromatherapy massage which was sheer bliss ...... I floated home.


Hoping everyone else out ther is doing ok.


lots of Love xxxxxx


Thanks for the good wishes, I think we all deserve a break!

Glad your bloods are ok, I think it's normal to have fatigue after chemo, we've all been through so much it's bound to take a while getting over it. I am still walking up our local hill beauty spot as often as possible but bought a trekking pole at the weekend to help me on the steep bits as my balance has gone a bit rubbish and the Tax chemo leaves my legs wobbly for a few days after the aches pass.

Asked at the clinic when I could get my PICC line out after last cycle and they said same day!!! Can't wait to get back to swimming once infection risk has passed. Like you exercise is important to me I can't stand sitting around the house on a beautiful day.

I agree you couldn't have waited six months to start chemo. I'm glad you're considering reconstruction. There's a great blog, Small tits big smiles, by a lady called Jackie who talks about her recon using tummy fat and has photos of her belly scar. It's a fantastic blog, made me laugh out loud in places, parts really felt like I could have written it myself! Definitely worth a read. Good luck with the decision making on recon.

Feeling great at the moment despite only having had 3 hours sleep over the last two nights... the double sided effects of massive steroid dosage! The side effects will start kicking in tomorrow once steroids worn off.

Take care all xx

Hi Carmen,


Well that's number 5 under your belt. Really hope you ok this time, think you deserve a break!


I got the results of my bloods test yesterday and everything is fine apart from vitamin D which is a tiny bit low but think most folks is till the summer kicks in. A supplement will top me up and of course some sun sunshine would be a better way to boost the levels. 


My iron stores are high so carn't blame them for the tiredness so suppose it is the cumulative effect of the chemo that has caught up with me. Anyway, I've got another month to shake it off. Fingers crossed.


Oh & Ive just ordered a mx tankini (and swim prosthsis) as need to restart exercising. Also found a daytime pilates class. Exercise has always been a big part of my life and pre BC always made me feel energised and its about time I got back to it. Hoping it will help me to gain some strength.... either that or I'll sleep for days ha ha.... 


Had my follow up appointment with the surgeon today and we discussed reconstruction. Back in Oct when I had my mastectomy I couldn't even consider it as needed to get the chemo etc out of the way as quickly as possible.  For me back then a recon would have meant 6 months healing before I would have been able to start chemotherapy.


But, now Im wondering if I might just have it done. Maybe next year as will need a bit of planning. I will have to have the one where there take tissue from the tummy area and relocate it upwards. Sounds like I'll get a tummy tuck into the bargain. Ha ha ........ but seriously I am considering it as struggling with prosthesis and bras and what to wear/do I look even/has the prosthesis slipped etc etc.....


Im 10 days into taking hormone tabs and noticing slight hot flushes and a little joint plain. With this I can cope.

Hopalong, how are you getting along with hormone tabs?


Hope everyone else doing ok.


Lots of Love xxx






Hi guys,
Sorry you're still feeling rubbish Caroline, I know what you mean about turning down social things. We were invited to a 15th anniversary party which I'd turned down as I didn't know how I'd be during chemo. But people said we could let them know nearer the time. Well I physically felt fine so could have gone but said to hubby that emotionally I couldn't face seeing so many people that I hadn't seen since diagnosis and just being asked about it all evening.
Physically it will also take time to recover, don't rush back to work, another month will do you a lot of good, take the time to make sure you're feeling totally ready.

On the fb site as someone recommended silk bedding to help with night sweats, although they did comment on their price! Last time I had herceptin I had night sweats just during the first night, most yucky!

Number 5 went ahead eventually, consultant wanted to reduce dose because of the allergic reaction on my hands and that would also meant a delay until tomorrow. But I managed to convince him that the second lot of meds the GP gave me worked and also stated my concerns over the delays I'd already had and efficacy etc. So he agreed to going ahead as long as I rang and got an appointment if it happens this cycle.Good result I feel!

Oh and can't believe you managed to drink so much on your day out hopalong!

Hi Everyone,

Good luck today Carmen & hope goes according to plan. Hope no 5 is kind to you. Just one more to go..... Whoop! 😀

Hopalong it's good to hear you sounding so positive & to know you are almost out the other side.

I'm feeling a bit disappointed that a don't feel better as my last sick note finished yesterday & was hoping to feel well enough to consider a phased return. Had to accept that I'm just not well enough to go back to work just yet so got another sick note till 11th June.
Feeling exhausted a lot of the time. Having bloods checked out & will get results today. Hoping my iron reserves are low as can do something about that.

I keep turning down social gatherings invites as just don't feel upto talking about BC. I am seeing my closes friends. I'm just finding it hard to step beyond my family & closest friends circle. I suppose if just takes time for the confidence to come back.
Funny how before BC we just take these things for granted.

I've got check up appmt with surgeon tomorrow & Haven on Thursday for aromotherapy session.

Have good week everyone & love to all.


Carmen the acupuncture has helped with the flushes but am still struggling with night sweats. Joints still achey but trying to push through.

Good luck with Number 5 tomorrow, hoping it will be easier for you.

On a positive I went out yesterday with my friends and after lunch 5 cocktails & 2 vodkas I didn't feel drunk and have no hangover today so perhaps chemo increases your alcohol sensitivities, and here I was thinking I'd be a lightweight after not drinking for 8 months.

I also feel that yesterday helped me to draw a line through my cancer and although I know it will always be with me as this is my 2nd brush  I feel I can now say I had cancer. I'm still stuggling physicaly and emotionaly but now have more good days than bad days.

For all you ladies reading it does get easier, keep going xx


Hi all,
I gave in and watched The C Word the other day. I cried a lot at the beginning, the diagnosis, the family's reactions and ways of dealing with it. I think I'm glad I watched it.

Sounds like you're still having a rough time with the hot flushes etc. Is that supposed to get better over time? I guess I'll be starting tamoxifen in about a month, once chemo has finished...

Next, 5th, chemo is on Monday, want to get on with it now... counting down to the end!

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Hi, Carmen glad the drugs are working for you, Waiting it is good to talk. I know it helps me. I've found my hospice sessions more useful than the Haven sessions but still glad I have had the opportunity to go. My free sessions have now come to an end. I may go to some of the group sessions but am now trying to get a new "normal" routine. My next oncology appointment isn't untill June so want to make the most of my time before I go back to work and the hopefuly better weather by doing nice things.

I watched the C word with pleanty of wine and tissues but didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I needed to watch it in order again to move on. I found it cathartic. I thougth it was very acurrate and certainly made me feel more normal when experiencing certain aspects of the bull**bleep** treatment. My mum watched and when I saw her the day after she said I enjoyed it but I think they could have put more detail in.

Getting between 10 & 15 sweats/flushes during the day and waking aprox twice a night with the heat/damp but am falling asleep again quickly. The fatigue is still an issue but am now ok untill about 5pm and then it hits rather than 1pm.

I'm waiting for a contact prosthesis it was ordered 3 weeks ago so should be hear soon.

Am out on Saturday for an afternoon drinking session with my friends the first time we have all got together since my pre chemo meal. So am looking forward to that.

Take care all x


Glad my eldest is only 13 and is never going out drinking until the early hours... at least not for a few years anyway!


Yes, I agree the programme will have done a lot to raise awareness and hopefully raised loads of money to research a cure for this. I know a lot of people with BC watched it, it just doesn't take a lot to get my mind focused on the negative and thankfully my mum didn't watch as she worries enough as it is.


Weird about the flashbacks, but it's a pretty traumatic time, so I guess not that surprising. I do feel that I'm approaching the finishing line especially as I've started herceptin now so less than a year to go until treatment finishes! Well, apart from tamoxifen of course. 


Have a good week xx




The end of chemo is in sight for you at last. Just two to go.........I will keep everything crossed that things remain on track for you.


Weirdly I keep getting flash backs of the taste and smell of the drugs and the strange sensation in the sinuses when the drugs given.  Yuck.


I dont blame you for not watching the programme I must admit that I was in two minds. It's been on my mind a lot today in fact,  I woke up thinking about her. With hindsight, I probably wouldn't have watched it. Although, I do think it's a good idea to raise awareness about BC.


Good to hear your sleeping a little better. Getting through the treatment is hard enough and not sleeping can make it harder to cope.


I was laying awake for a different reason last night as my oldest boy was out bank holiday drinking with his friends.  Omg he didn't come in till 4am and I couldn't settle till he tucked up in bed.

He up this am fresh as a daisy ....... oh the joy of youth!


Got another session booked at Haven on Thursday and we have a new baby in the family so looking forward to shopping for him and visiting on Wednesday.


Hope you all have a good week. Lots of Love xxx










Hi there 🙂
I have two cycles to go, next Monday and 1st June if it goes to plan!

My hands are so much better today, either the extra strength meds are working or the chemo drugs are leaving my body alone for a while.

Glad the hypnotherapy is helping. My sleep has been gradually improving over the past few weeks. I'm taking zopiclone on alternate nights and usually wake up once on those nights. But on the med free nights I'm only waking 2-3 times and managing to get back to sleep quite quickly on each occasion.

I didn't watch The C Word, I had planned to but changed my mind yesterday. I have read some of her blog and will probably watch it on iPlayer during the week. With all the media focus on the programme and also the sad loss of Rio F's wife, I'm finding my thoughts dwelling on the worst outcome and that's really not helpful.

Anyway, had a good long weekend with the family and looking forward to a good week next week before cycle 5.

Take care all xx

Hi Everyone,

Carmen .. Sorry to hear your suffering again. Relax or wander as much as you need to get through this.
How many have you till your done?

Hopalong .... Happy Birthday! Sounds like you've had a fab time.
Hope you get some relief from the se soon. My onc told me that it takes a few months to settle. Let us know if changing brands makes any difference.
How you getting on with acupuncture?

I've had a busy couple of weeks, appointments, yet another prosthetic fitting as really struggling to find the right one & been to the Haven a few times. Hypnotherapy helping with sleep & feeling more relaxed about everything. It's been good to chat to women going through the same stuff too.

Started taking anastrozole on Saturday & was chatting to a women at Haven taking the same & she told me to look forward to joint pain & mild flushes .... With this i think i can cope.

Did anyone see the c word last night? It made me cry especially when her hair fell out & when she in the bath. Very close to home for me.

Lots of love xx


Happy birthday, welcome to the 42 club! Sounds like you've had a fab week, quite jealous!

I've been busy fighting the se of Tax... I take back all I said before, actually it is complete evil, not necessarily worse than EC, just different! The day after my last post the total body aches hit combined with a temp and diarrhoea. And about a week ago I developed a rash on my hands which is still bad but improving - with mega strong meds from the GP. Feels like my hands are burning.

But apart from that I'm feeling ok, been getting out and about in the sunshine, when I can. Although, I am struggling with the motivation to do anything productive - cooking, baking, housework, shopping. I'm ok just wandering in the countryside or lazing around watching tv, reading, listening to music... Just feel like normal pressures of life are too much to bother with. Have wasted way too many hours watching snooker this week!

Anyway, it's good to hear from you. Hope the tamoxifen se ease up, I have read that different brands can be better/worse than others. Is the acupuncture helping at all?

Hello to everyone else out there, hope you're doing well 🙂

Morning all, busy start to the week for me with the ball and birthday celebrations. Had a lovely time with friends and family. I had seafood pasta for my birthday meal which came with a huge prawn on top, and it was gorgeous. I even managed a pudding and wine.

It was a day spent at the hospice the day after my birthday and took a big cake in and painted a picture. The rest of the week I've tried to rest did a walk with a walking group on Thursday just an hour but went too far. Still getting joint pains 2 packs of tamoxifen on. Will give it another 1 then see about changing brands.


Hope everyone else is ok the thread seems to have gone quiet, Take care all x


Sounds like fatigue, it's quite unusual to need to sleep every afternoon! Probably takes a while for every thing to settle back to normal. Do you have any follow up appointments where you can ask about these lingering se?

Definitely preferring this drug so far, even with taste changes, night sweats, bodily aches and pains... hobbling around like an old woman!

Glad you are not so nauseous, hope any other side effects are kind. Still strugguling with tiredness dont know whether I could say its fatigue just an overwelming need for sleep every afternoon xx


Ooh, shouldn't mention this on EC thread but distinct lack of nausea going on right now! It's very nice 😉

I think my chemo day ward is just so busy they schedule anyone anywhere, but there's usually someone to chat to though!

I bet you can't believe you're so far past chemo now... I know I'm happy to only have 2 more to go, and really hoping I can get through now without any more delays, so I'm through the se for my birthday at end of June 🙂

My unit were good, there were quite a few BC ladies, they tended to put us all in the same room, quite a few young uns! !! And as I was cold capping I got to chat with most of them because I was there longer.
There is a family meal on Thursday and then
I'm going to my friends ball on Saturday and then out with my parents on my birthday but it was going to be all day but I have another acupuncture treatment so will just do something in the afternoon.
I enjoyed my lgfb and went between cycle 3 & 4 which was the right time for me it just gave me a boost.
My leg hairs appear to be returning will have to shave before I get tan tastic for the ball, and I do believe I can see some eyebrows so will ask the beautician to shape them if she can.
Are you in the Facebook group if not and you want to then pm me and I'll message you back with the details. xC


Was due to do LGFB tomorrow but wasn't sure what to expect from this cycle so I cancelled but am on reserve list for May and definitely for June if I don't get on May. But eyebrows and lashes still hanging on in a rather wispy manner... and as for the leg hairs, had hoped they would have shifted by now!

I used to have a little bet with myself about how long it would be before someone mentioned how young I am! Lady at chemo was actually only 3 weeks older than me, lovely person, lots to chat about.

Happy birthday for next week, are you doing anything special?

Glad it went ok Carmen. You definitely deserve a slice of chocolate cake. You can't beat a cancer perk I'd say get some nice things done whenever you can. Have you done the look good feel better yet I can't remember?
I got the your the youngest person I've spoken to with breast cancer, today from a lady at the Haven. I didn't really know what to say so I just smiled. I'll be 42 next week too.
Take it easy, I have heard that the effects don't kick in till day 3/4 so make the most of it xC


Shh, don't tell anyone on the EC only thread that I just had my first cycle of T!

Went smoothly and had good company from lady same age as me in next chair. Had practically zero sleep last night due to huge steroids dose, so probably zero sleep for next two nights as well. Then likely to get horrific bodily aches and pains but on the plus side they anticipate less nausea!

Hope the acupuncture went well, Hopalong. I had reflexology this morning, my fifth of six sessions that I get at the hospice as a perk of being a chemo patient! But nurse, Debbie, said she'd see if she could arrange a few more for me as I was having such a tough time... what a lovely thought 🙂

Definitely going to make the most of chocolate eating just in case my taste buds decide they don't like it again, but determined not to gain too much weight as I don't want to tip over into the next full stone!

Keep smiling 🙂

Good luck for tomorrow Carmen,
I've had a busy week and my only day of not doing anything was today. I bought new heavy duty gardening gloves (to protect from the lymphoedema) and some shiny new securtares to start tackling my garden, but instead I have spent the day sleeping. Hey Ho I'll get round to it soon.
I've got another busy week ahead starting with another session of acupuncture. I didn't think it had made a difference but since Friday i would say my sweats have reduced in number so there may be something in it. Shame it hasn't boosted my energy levels.
My chocolate taste buds have returned and my taste for the sweet stuff is much worse than before. I'm blaming the tamoxifen it seems to be having the effects that the steroids never did.
Good luck for Wednesday waiting and your hormone discussion
Take care all