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Anyone on Navelbine for Liver mets


Re: Anyone on Navelbine for Liver mets

Hi Nellienix,


I wanted to reply to say welcome to the forums 🙂 I am not on navelbine or capecitabine although I have had both of those chemos in the past. I was first diagnosed with bc in 1990, had several recurrences/new primaries and then in 2002 was diagnosed with extensive bone mets. I think there are quite a few posters who are on either capecitabine or navelbine with liver mets but you might be better to post this again in the Secondaries area of the forum, or perhaps the moderator would move this one for you. I think some of the ladies with secondaries only read that area of the forum. I am sure you will get replies to your question. Also in that section there are threads discussing bone mets, one for liver mets and one for lung mets - they are all separate ones! so you might like to start one for for all three. You will find we are a very supportive bunch of women :).





Anyone on Navelbine for Liver mets

Hi. I am quite new to this forum. I have been diagnosed stage V1 breast cancer since April2012. I have had various chemo with good results. Bone and Lung mets have been stable since Aug 2012 but I have had progression in the liver. I have just finished Capecitabine after 8months and now I am due to start Navelbine on Tuesday 18th. Has anyone been on this chemo and what sort of results have you experienced. I would be glad of any info regarding side effects and results.