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Anyone starting chemo in December?


Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Morning ladies

Just popping in from July thread to give some reassurance re chemo.

It is true, the waiting is the worst part, once you start the time goes by quickly.

Staff are brilliant on chemo wards/day centres, you can ask them any question and they will answer. They are always reassuring. You will leave the hospital with a big bag of drugs that are to counter all side effects.

My advice is this:

Do as your team say
Take your meds even if you don't feel ill
Stay away from anyone with cough's and colds and any infection
Listen to your body, sleep when it tells you
Try and keep to a routine if possible
Eat healthy
DRINK 2-3 litres of water a day - this one is really important

Im sure there are other things to add to list but this is a start.

As far as the cold cap I didn't use it, but my hair is growing back slowly but surely, and honestly once it was gone, it didn't really bother me.

Hope all goes well

Take care

Wendy x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in December?

Hi there.
You put it so well! The last few weeks have turned everything on its head and I don't think it has finished for me yet!
CT scan today followed by bone scan soon then chemo. I am expecting this to be early December too. There are a few of us on the recently diagnosed board who are likely to be starting soon so I will put a note on there.
On a positive note, my friend came round to see me yesterday. She had grade 4 cancer 12 years ago and had surgery then chemo then radio. Her cancer was not hormone receptive. She said that her side effects were not too bad at all and she continued to work throughout. No sickness and although she did lose her hair it grew back quickly, she even went skiing during her treatment! She has been cancer free since.
Personally I am not going to bother with the cold cap. It sounds quite painful and time consuming and as I have short hair anyway it doesn't bother me so much.
My friend recommended lots of ginger so am sending husband out with his shopping list today - bio oil for scar and ginger capsules!
I'm sure that the waiting is the worst bit and once we get started then at least something positive is being done.
I am planning to try and work throughout treatment - I have to for my sanity as much as anything! Also I am desperate to start driving again!
So I will join you on the chemo journey if that is ok?

Anyone starting chemo in December?

Hi Everyone,

Like most people on here my BC has been a real shock. Going from feeling happy, healthy and content to a dithering wreck minus my left breast within 3 weeks.  Life has been an utter blur but I started to climb out of the hole and began thinking about the future, getting back to work and getting on with life. Until yesterday when when I found out chemotherapy will be starting 2 December. I kind of expected it but how very scary when becomes your reality. I am trying to be positive about the treatment for my children but omg I'm crumbling inside. I would really welcome any advice about preparing for the treatment and how about the scalp cooling? 

Hope someone out there who can share with me. Love C xxx