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Anyone starting chemo in July 2013? We are now the July Junkies!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Well Ladies, I saw the onc yesterday. He was very nice and answered all my questions but basically he didn't sit down but remained standing throughout. He asked the standard question about my recovery from the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We then quickly covered the Letrozole (i seem to be tolerating this very well with only irregular hot flushes and my general thermostat seems to be set higher but none of the joint pain that my neighbours have complained about). He asked if I had an appointment with the breast care surgical team said he would arrange one so I could start my 5 years of monitoring. Then a quick examination and goodbye. So it looks like that is it. Right breast side you are back in the big wide world.
Last Sunday we took some friends out for a Chinese, part birthday part thank you for watching house and post while we were away. I decided to put on some slap. I used mascara for the first time since July. So exciting. Hair is coming on well with a hair line now and I am almost at the urchin stage. Whoopee.
Piggys I have also had a sickness bug that knocked me completely sideways. Unusual but I recovered ok. Sorry to hear you are in the flood area.
Anyone else in the flood zone my heart goes out to you. Floods on top of everything else. My mum always said life was not fair, she was right.
Bumble, hope you have had that phone call to say all is ok. There is a complimentary therapist at St Catherine's hospic who does lymphatic drainage massage if it turns out to by lymph related.
Julie hope all is settling down for you and your work load is more manageable.
Piggys, bumble, Julie and anyone else who can get there maybe now treatment is settling down we should think of organising that get together in a central easy to reach location, like York maybe.
Anyone interested.
Well it is now time to rise and shine. The oncs only self help advise was to get lots of excersis and to take a particulary calcium tablet with the Letrozole that has been show to reduce the risk of bone cancer.
Special greetings to chezz, kat and Mahsa, and all the quiet ones.
Mahsa how are the rads going? Keep slapping on the cream.
By my reconning and very inconsistent memory. I think all The JJs should have about completed chemo by now. Maybe a few who have been missing will pop back. Bye for now.

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Good evening my lovlies

Came back from frozen north (which wasn't!) on Friday for a week. Yikes, the weather here has been far worse. The back road out of our little hamlet to "big" village is closed because our sleepy winter borne stream has turned into a torrent; the main A road to the next village along is badly flooded and so is the village itself as one of its lanes has turned into a fast flowing river; and in "big" village the little stream has got ideas above its station and is now a big one overflowing on to the main road. The wind has been pretty ferocious too. And it all starts again on Tuesday ...


I had some 24 hour bug last week which meant I spent a lot of time in the loo, then lying as weak as a kitten on the sofa. Thought I'd finished with all that. Don't know if my immune system is still depressed, but I certainly was!


Apart from that I went out for Sunday lunch with friends today au naturel hair wise for the first time. It's just about long enough that with a lot of stiff hair spray I can spike it up. I got a few looks but tbh most of the time I forgot about it. Probably because I never wear anything on my head at home now. Felt quite proud of myself, which is a bit ridiculous.


Oh Bumble, 25th Feb must seem like aeons away, but it will come round soon enough and at least they're taking it seriously.


Chezza, I had four tattoos and the one in my cleavage seems to have gone AWOL too. Pretty sure you can't wash them off though!


Nettew, hope you had a good time away. Good luck tomorrow with your app.


Hope everyone else is doing just fine.


Oh, and I've just booked tickets for OH, friend and myself to go to Isle of Wight festival. It's my birthday and as I had surgery two days before last year's, I'm going to make up for it this year by dancing my socks off and partying for three days solid! xxxxx



Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Cripes Bumble you have been through a rough and scary time. Feb 25th seems ages to wait but sounds like you have a good team looking after you. You take care and do something nice just for you. Kat xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Well back from breast clinic finally. Consultant could feel and see the lump (she did wonder  if it was a random lymph node but she has only ever seen one in 10 yrs in that part of upper arm)so sent me for ultrasound. Saw huge black blob on screen which scared me and brought back nasty memories. Then a doctor was called in, more scary, she thought it maybe a haematoma,  decided to put a needle in and drew off some fluidy stuff, which could be dead fat or something, but she didnt really know what or why it occured but has sent it off for tests. Then went back to see consultant who said its odd, possible its a result of chemo/rads, or just random!  She will see me after results are back and hvave been discussed etc on 25 feb. But will let me know earlier if all clear etc. So even tho it doesnt appear to be linked to the cancer its still a nervous wait for nearly 3 weeks just when I need to be getting back to work and planning ahead..grrrr. . 

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Chezzap one less reminder. Rejoice. Back home Friday. Seeing onc on Monday morning. First meeting post chemo and rads.
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

lol  I had three tattoos and cant find any of them!!


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Chezzap - look for a blackhead at nipple level. At least it is where I think my nipples were. May be it is a bit higher. I can but dream. It is a long time since I had pert little breasts and now they are but a dream.

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Nette funny you say that as I swear i cannot find my tattoos.  I had a shower and they disappeared!  I rang unit and they assured me its impossible to wash them away but I cannot find them for the life of me!! ha ha

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Piggsy, Piggsy, really you just need a warm waterproof jacket and you will be toasty in the frozen north. Just enjoy the relatively quiet roads. Have you hit the shops in Leeds yet, they have a new centre.
Bumble, I have had endoscopy for reflux I am now very good at taking my tablets. If you have a recurrent cough that can be refulx as well as heartburn so I up my tablets if I get a cough that is more a persistent tickle. If you see the GP with a cough that goes on for a while you have to have an endoscopy. Ugh!
Mahsa how is the rads going. Are you managing to get some walking in. I am a great advocte of the health benefits of walking. I hope it is not too wet where you are. Any news on the house front?
Chazz have you had your pre rads visit yet and got your tat. I want to start a campaign to get them to use red ink. A little blood stop I feel would be nicer than a blackhead in the middle of whats left of my boobs. I know they can't use brown but I think red would be ok. Answers on a post card please.
Cat how are things with you now?
Julie good to get you email. Hope things will settle down soon. To all thoses asking after her she is ok just busy with family and jobs.
We are in Holland at the moment and today is our first rainy day. Hopefully it will be dry this afternoon. We are going to the shops.
To everyone I have missed hope you are all plodding on ok. If I have got anyone mixed up sorry I normally try to take notes but don't have paper with me.
Love to you all

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Dear Bumble, so glad to hear you've calmed down a bit although it's perfectly understandable that you should be concerned (understatement!). I agree with the others it's unlikely to be anything sinister so soon after the end of treatment, but glad you're getting it checked. I still find it really strange to talk about the end of "treatment", when what I want to call it is "the poisoining" lol.

I had an endoscopy years ago but luckily they knocked me out. Guess they didn't do the same to you. As if you hadn't already been through enough. Sometimes it all seems a bit much doesn't it.

Sorry your blonde hair is coming back grey. Still, give it a few months and you can have it highlighted back to your old colour. No sign of any hair on my body so still not having to shave armpits or legs - result!

Off to the frozen North on Sunday, will report back after that. Keep well my lovelies xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Thank you all for positive comments, I have decided to try and put it to the back of my mind until my appointment next thursday. Hoping its just the knotty cording (like you nette) or something simple . Am getting hubby to massage arm each night as per instructions. Not feeling as paranoid now, had time to calm down! Been for a long walk to try and ease my aching back and legs, dont know whats brought this on but I do also have a bad back (spondylolisthesis) - had spinal op in 2009. Still waiting To have gallbladder out too but cant until all other probs resolved. Had nasty endoscopy down throat last week due to heartburn, acid reflux etc but all clear thank god. Horrid experience tho! Think I just need a whole new body lol! If this is middle age dread to think what old age is like..!!!♡

Cant believe ive been off work for almost 8 months, where has the time gone, got used to the lie ins so will struggle getting back in the work routine.....where is that big lottery win haha!

Well hope everyone doing well, and enjoying the sight and feel of the hair growing..yay. mine is thickening, and grey so looks like I will no longer be a blonde. Not impressed with having to shave the old armpits again tho.

Bumble x


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Bumble, oh blimey something else to worry about, but as Chez says seems a bit soon to be something nasty. Can you not get your Gp to have a prod and then they could hurry your BCN along, 6th Feb. seems a long wait. 

Nette I still have a hard lump in my arm and what my teenage daughter describes as the veins of Bruce Banner just before he turns into the Hulk!! and to cap it all my arms are a different shade!! They do say it will improve, but still waiting.

Mahsa hope the rads are going fine.

Kat xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi bumble I'm from August thread had exactly same thing, had ultrasound and it was fat necrosis, felt really hard and about size of a one pence piece. Surgeon was a bit put out that I thought he had left a node in there!! It's gone now, hope its nothing to worry about for you, the waiting is awful, I was seen the same day I phoned bc nurse and she arranged it. Hope you sort it soon x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Bumble, I agree with the others that it is best to get your lump checked however thought that I would mention that I found a small lump between my armpit and the bend of my elbow while I was in the middle of chemo and was also having physio for cording.  The lump had formed at the end of a cord. Over time it did disappear as my cording improved. I did mention it to my ONC who was not concerned but said to keep an eye on it and let her know if it changed in size. Hope you get some reassurance very soon. X 

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi bumble, hope you did go to CH it is what they should be therefore more than handing out coffee.
Are you sure you didn't have all your nodes removed. I understood they took 2 to 3 sentinel nodes to check for infection. If infected they take out the lot. People have different number of nodes so a complete clear can be removing as few as 7ish to in the 30s. I had 28 but you could have had only 11. As I asked them not to take all out and they refused I really doubt if yours weren't a full clear.
The lump could be fluid or scar tissue increased by something you have done or delayed from the rads.
But you need it checked. Please let us know how you get on. Ring tonight if you want to talk.
Love to all
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi nette, yes did get messag3, the link didnt work but I did look at the article briefly but never saw anything about triple neg. Just debating whether tomorrow to drive out to c.h. and see if I can beg anyone to have a quick feel of the lump....clinic or queens centre...or both lol! I do feel as tho im being paranoid, as chez says it would seem too soon after treatment to be anything nasty but I didnt have all lymphs removed just 11so  could there be something in the remaining ones?..or would they have been killed by the chemo?. Why do these things happen the minute you are discharged and not seeing docs regularly!!! Hey ho, will just have to see what happens and hope its all a figment of my imagination ( and ians as he says he can feel large lump too)..I did wonder a out cording but the nurse said that wouldnt be a lump, just ropey lengths.

Hope julie is doing well, not heard from her either since xmas.

Have a great relaxing holiday...hope its not too cold over there. 

Love to all,, bumblexx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Ladies

Bumble sorry to hear how worried you must be feeling.  Is it the surgery side?  Would seem very soon for any recurrence so soon after chemo etc.  Im sure it eill be nothing sinister but I know me saying that wont help when all you will be able to think of is the worst case scenario so I will just say Im thinking of you and hope they fit you in sooner to put your mind at ease


Hope everyone else doing well and getting back to a new kind of normal xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi bumble, did you get the message I posted here. I still can't get emails out. Sorry to hear about lump. Why don't you go to CH and just present yourself at the centre. Speak to Julie or one of the others they maybe able to short cut you. If not try your GP if it is fluid your GP may be able to tell. Fluid can be absolutely solid, which was how my haematoma was miss diagnosed.
Hi Piggys, welcome to tha North I am originally from Guildford and thought north of the Thames was up north forget about Watford Gap. Now I wouldn't. Live anywhere else. The Dales are wonderful if you want to do see some wonderful country you could start with following the tour de france route for the first day. The walking round that area is amazing. You will also find some amazing support. If you want a massage there is a centre in Leeds that give free cancer support.
You will also be amazed by the long sandy beachs, not a pebble in sight, if you manage to get over to the East or West coast. Of course I think the East coast best. Try Whitby for an old fashion fishing port.
Julie you have been quiet for a bit. Hope all is well with you. When are you in Scarborough?
I got my European travel insurance from Stay sure. The price I felt was acceptable considering I was under 2 months out of treatment and not had my post chemo appointment with onc. They even gave me annual insurance which means I can nag Oh to get out and about this year.
Off on uor first trip on Wednesday when we fly to Holland for 9 days. I will still be able to check in as staying with family.
Has anyone else got tram lines, like deep hollows, from vein damage on chemo arm. Has anyone been given any advice?
Love to all JJ. I sounds like people are checking in if not posting. Keep post coming in we want all thoughs back to normal tales.
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi all, nice to see some more posts. 

Pigsy, welcome to the wonderful north....i am in east yorkshire, born and bred here but hubby is from cornwall and he will never get used to some things up here! Glad you have finished treatment apart from the drugs. I have been feeling pretty good lately until today when I felt another lump under my arm.....a bit lower than armpit. It feels huge and has so reminded me of finding the original cancer filled lymph node last year. Hense I have been a pRanoid wreck today convinced something bad has reappeared. No idea what it could be reaaly, I rang breast nurse at clinic and have got appointment for 6 feb to get it looked at...but that seems so far off. She told me to massage it up to armpit but I dont think its fluid, feels too hard. I did have 11 lymphs removed. Is there no end to the worry and stress!!!!!!

Chezz, my son lives in manchester in the very strange looking Chips building. Dont get over to see him v often but do like manchester...when its not raining!

Anyway, still havent decided when to return to work, hr are meeting my line manager this week, tho now my thoughts are definately elsewhere unfortunately. I know I need to stay calm and wait but its hard...

Off to bed now with the help of a sleeping pill I think

Take care all, and hope we do all keep posting now and again




Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Piggsy, your post put a smile on my face. Glad to hear you are getting on with your life in the south, and your new life oup north... Woman Happy please do come back from time to time!


Kat, thanks for your advise and kind words. So far my skin is OK, but I do feel very tired. I am also receiving radiation to the left, but they have assured me that there is a shield between my heart and radiation site. I think the reason my treatment is prolonged is because I didn't have either chemo or path complete response, and had lumpectomy instead of MX. Anyway, only time will tell.


Chezz, I can feel a bounce in your posts. Keep smiling...


Lots of luv my lovelies,


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hiya kat Im left side too and having 15


had my port out 2 weeks ago.  It was nt as bad as I thought would be but sore after when the anaesthetic wears off so weatch out for that one!  Its such a rekief to have it out though!!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Piggsy that was a delight and so much happening. I know what you mean about traveling up north, I think you can count on one hand the times I have been past Watford gap. Us southerners are so unadventurous. Bit of the envy at having something new in your life, I'm looking at returning to work which does feel a bit like going down the snake to the beginning again.

Mahsa and Chez just slap on the cream and embrace a bit of fresh air when you can for the rads. Mine is 1 week since last zap and less pink. Mahsa be kind to your skin because you have just had surgery and I'm guessing its all happening on the right because us lefties get less because of our hearts.

Still struggling with the Herceptin, felt so ill last week after last dose. Im having it sub cut now like Chez but with a cocktail of 5 other drugs so I don't react to it!!?? Chez is your port out yet?? That is what Im looking forward to.

Kat xx


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

great to hear from you Piggsy.


That post made me laugh being from Manchester.  Just count yourselves lucky you have an inside toilet ha ha!  No seriously it must be a shock.  The one thing I cant stand up here is the rain.  Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world...... the experience of chips and gravy from the chippy is one not to be missed!!!!  Plus learning a whole new vocabulary.  I went to uni in Leeds and even though only 45 mins away lots of different words for same thing.  Ive gotta run and get ready for school run now but good luck with everything and dont stay away too long we missed you.  Only a couple of us here now

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

3xFec done, 3xTax done, 15 rads sessions done.

Be prepared, W&P big time follows!

Hello my fellow JJs. Sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long but I wasn’t sure I was going to post after Christmas, because all treatment is finished and there didn’t seem much more to say. However, I have been checking in to see how you are all are doing, and as my absence has been noted I thought I’d tell you what’s been happening to me.

OH is a freelance software tester and his last contract finished on 20 Dec. I finished rads as planned on 18 Dec. On 19 Dec we drove up to Halifax and back (9 hour round trip) as he had an interview and wouldn’t you know it, out of all the jobs he applied for this was the one he really wanted. And s**’s law being what it is, it’s the one he got, starting on 10 Jan.

So, far from easing myself back into my old life, I’ve been plunged into something completely different. We talked long and hard about the practicalities of him only being able to come home at weekends, because moving really isn’t an option with my parents (both in their 80s) living with us. So I’ve spent an awful lot of the last three weeks online sorting out B&Bs for him and trying to find somewhere for us to rent for the next 6 months. I spent last week in Halifax with him, and we’re now renting a 2 bed furnished flat (sorry, apartment) in a small converted mill house in a semi-rural location about 3 miles outside town. And landlord is happy for Daisy (dog!) to visit with me.

Neither of us have spent any time north of Watford Gap, so have no feel for the landscape and life in the North at all. My oh my, it’s different. So many of the houses have no garden front or back which is extremely odd to our southern eyes. And all those vertical cobbled streets, thought that was a cliché but it isn’t. And the mountains! But what really highlighted the difference for us is the fact that the centre of Halifax, which is roughly the same size as Salisbury, had hardly any restaurants whereas Salisbury has lots. It does have a couple of independent cafes though, and we were surprised at how much cheaper food is generally. Best of all though, just after we found the flat I realised the Tour de France will be passing through about 5 miles down the road. Really excited. I watched it when it came through Hampshire last time, never thought I’d see it twice.

We’ve decided that Daisy and I will spend every other week ‘oop North to start with, but it all feels very odd. OH left here at 4.45 and rang at 9.50 to say he’s got there. Poor man, what a long way.

With regard to my health, well my toes and the side of my right foot are numb more than they’re not and my finger tips seem to randomly go numb as well. I think I’m going to lose some of my finger nails. As they’re growing it’s becoming more apparent that most of them aren’t fully attached to the nail bed, so that’s something to look forward to.

On the hair front: no eyebrows or eyelashes yet and no other body hair. However the hair on my head is growing (nearly half an inch on top) and seems to be the same colour it was ie blonde not white. There’s not enough for me to go out au naturel yet though, mainly because I have quite a deep widow’s peak and the hair on the peak and sides is much slower to grow. I do still look a bit odd.

My skin was fine during and after rads, I used a combo of aqueous cream and aloe vera gel, but my armpit still feels really swollen despite continuing with the exercises. Guess that’s for life then! I also get all sorts of odd stabbing pains there and in the mastectomy site.

Mood-wise, I am still quite teary, and I am trying very very hard not to wonder whether it will come back. I didn’t think like that last year, so I’m not going to think like that this. That way lies madness.

Hormonally, I started Anastrazole on 1 Jan and within a week my hands hurt in the mornings, my right hip hurts and my back feels as though it may be about to go into spasm. I don’t think it’s all coincidence, so I’m going to up my glucosomine and hope that helps. I’m also going to make an appointment with my osteopath to ward off the back spasm which may be coincidence.

I think the North/South split to my life, until at least July, will actually be good. I think it would have been very hard to reconcile myself to my old life when I’m not the same person. It gives me a completely different focus and that’s to be welcomed. It’s actually quite exciting. I’m not going to look too far into the future, because I may not have much of one. My parents seem to have coped with the first week away, and as I’m home this week I shall be able assess whether they can or not. And that’s me. How about all of you?

Chezza, chemo finished hurrah for you. I found the whole rads thing unpleasant, I hated lying there bare to the waist and listening to the machine zapping me. It’s better than chemo though! Do bear in mind it carries on working for a few weeks after the last one so keep moisturising. How are you getting on with sub-cut. I saw you’d passed out, has that got any better?

Orangecat, Know what you mean about the 2013 calendar. 2014 looks positively empty, thank heavens! Great news that you’re able to carry on with Herceptin. Hope the first one went well and not your usual drama! It’s really good to have a plan, even if it is a phased return to work. Your hair must be a lot longer than mine if it’s Judi Dench-ish. Lucky thing. I think you’re coping brilliantly considering this is your second round.

Nettew, I’m so sorry I’d forgotten you’re a second timer as well as Kat. I know you both cope because what else are you going to do, but really I take my hat and any other article of clothing off. What a smack in the face it must be. Holidays are good. I’m hoping we might be able to reschedule the holiday we had to cancel last year and go to Menorca, but the thought of the increase in insurance really insenses me. If you’ve finished treatment, what the heck does the increase cover!

Bumble, glad your sore has healed. I imagine it must feel quite scary to be discharged, I’m not sure when that happens for me. I’m sure the thought of going back to work is daunting, but slowly does it, don’t try and do too much. I’ve found my energy levels are pretty much back to pre-BC, and I expect yours will be too. I get over-emotional as well. It’s really annoying. When I was away last week I thought about going into a centre for a head, neck and shoulder massage. I started welling up at the thought of having to tell a stranger what has happened to me.

Masha, Sorry to hear about your house. Having just been through it, it’s so stressful trying to find the right somewhere to live, so I hope you find something lovely really quickly. How exciting to have a trip to LA in your future. I think it’s easy to try and do too much. I find it hard to get my head round what my poor old body’s been through, and so keep pushing it to find the new limit. Which changes with monotonous regularity lol!

Boxo, hope you’re rads are done and dusted and you didn’t have any major SEs. I was lucky I didn’t suffer from the tiredness that apparently can knock you when you’re down! Guess all you’re treatment is done now as well. Are you on any hormone treatment, when do you start? Sorry, can’t remember.

Julie, how did your NYE go? Hope the herceptin didn’t ruin it for you and the cardio app on 22nd went OK.

That’s enough from me. I did warn you it would be a long post. Well done if you got this far. Your energy levels must be back to normal!

If I’ve left anyone out I’m sorry, but must go as waiting for OH to call to say he’s unpacked the contents of the car into the flat.

I will keep checking on you all, and hope that our little band of survivors keeps on keeping on. Lots of love xxxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Thanks, Chezz & Nett! 1st rads done, 24 to go. They also confirmed I will have 5 boosters radiation too, so 29 sessions altogether. 


Nett, for European trip I think I will rely on EHIC for emergency medical cover and for trip to US I will look into www.insurancewith.com. they cover pre existing conditions at a very reasonable price including USA.


Hope everyone else well and happy! I do miss Piggsy's long posts and Tamsin too.



Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Mahsa, diprobase is good, I also got an ice pack from the chemist. Never put on skin but wrap in a tea towel takes out all the burn. I got gel strips from the unit but they were useless. I took dirobase prescribed by GP in a small pot and put on straight after dose. I did have early morning appointments. 25 does seem a lot but they are easy. But keep on top of any soreness.
Sorry about the house, not what you need now but you seem ok with it, so good luck with the house hunt.
Check out the travel site before planning LA my understanding is insurance for America can be prohibitive. Good luck. There are specialists insurer and everyone is assessed individually. I have manage to get European cover. But a couple of firms wouldn't touch me cause operation, chemo etc were less than two years.
All the best to all the JJ. July does seem a life time ago but when my armpit burns it is worth remembering that it was only just over 6 month ago.
Love to all

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

HI Mahsa

Good to hear from you we all seem to have gone very quiet which I can onlt take for a good thing.


Sorry to hear about the house and landlord but great news about LA  sounds fantastic.


25 rads sounds a lot doesnt it.  Just keep slapping the E45 on or a friend of mine from August Thread has suggested diprobase which you get on prescription


Take care lovely x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hello lovely Ladies

Good to see everyone getting on with their lives. Feels like chemo was ages ago, although it's legacy lives on! I don't think my fingers and toes belong to me anymore, they've been hijacked.... Actually every bone in my body is aching, and I haven't even started Tamoxifen yet!!! I am due to start rads this Friday, 25 sessions plus 4 boosters. I think I am going to be cooked by the end of it. Right now my life a bit slow, but trying to introduce some normality back in. Went to Norfolk for a week staying with a friend, made me realised how tired I am. I don't think I'll go back to work until May, need a proper holiday before then. At the moment a trip to LA is on the card, but haven't made any arrangements. I want to wait and see how I feel after all active treatments. Also may have to move house, as my lanlord passed away and his beneficiaries not interested to keeping this property.  Anyway, everything will always works out...

Is good to hear from you all, July seems to be a long time ago. Let's keep in touch, and let's meet up in Spring. Would be nice to put a face on every journey.


Lots of luv,

Mahsa xxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

HI all Junkies

Hope evryone is well and some of you have finsihed all active treatment hurrah


Hows Piggsy????


Im due to start rads 6th Feb then its just herceptin for me and a possible reconstruction some way down the line not made decision yet to be honest


take care all onwards and upwards xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi bumble
I tried sending message back to you again it didn't work so look in messages on this site.
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

I have sent you an email with a link. Returned as email address failed let me know if you get it or not.
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

I was beginning to think I was the only one left it has been so quiet.
Well done kat last rad Monday well done. My GP kept reminding me that the rad burn continues for about 3 weeks after so take care and keep using the creams. If fact I saw her last week with a pain under my MX and she said there was some hardening caused by the rads and that the after effects would continue. I finished my rads at the start of Dec.

Bumble lovely to hear from you hope Ian is well. Re your cholesterol I don't know if it is relevant but my sister got high cholesterol from the meds she was taking and it dropped as soon as she stopped.

Do you remember all the discussion at the start of T about our nails and that Ali, at CH, complained that hers were breaking about 4 months after finishing her chemo. WELL I have two toe nails that look dead from just above the base. My finger nails I had gel nails then last time it was removed I had normal varnish put on as I thought they should be fine now. How wrong was I when I took the varnish off I had 3 nails that were not at least partly dead. I am now thinking I will need to gel nail them again.

I hope everyone else are still looking in and maybe some others will post this weekend. It's nice to know everyone is progressing well and getting back to the good life.

I don't see my onc until 10th Feb and before that we are going to Holland for 9 days to be pampered by my cousin and her OH. We didn't get over last year so we hope to see lots of cousins. My mum was Dutch but regretfull I can't speak a word beyond thank you but I love to visit.

Love to all JJ
Nette x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Bumblebee and all,


One more rads to go on Monday and then I have finished Smiley Happy do have some aches and twinges on that side especially when reversing into a tight corner, and my skin is just a light pink (grade 1) so fine. Makes a change not to be the one developing all the side effects 

Bumblebee I had forgotten about annual leave, might be useful to soften the blow of returning full time. Saying that they are going to have to accommodate my fun and games with Herceptin, which I am pleased to say is something that my happy, healthy heart and I restart on Monday.

My dear old dad munches porridge for his cholesterol and it seems to work for him.

Actually thinking of booking a trip to the hairdressers as my hair is growing different lengths, looking OK sort of Judi Dench ish, but will need tidying soon.

Love to all Kat xx


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi Orangecat, nice to see a new post on here! Not long for you to go now re the rads, glad you didnt get the nasty under bbob sore I got, however it has healed up nicely as its over a month since treatment ended. Had my follow up appointment with oncologist on monday and I have been discharged which is a weird feeling. Just the yearly checkups from now on...v scary. As im triple negative no hormone treatment etc.

I too am waiting for meeting with HR and team leader re phased return to work, not quite sure when to go back as dont want to have a setback etc. Its difficult knowing I need to go back but dont want to and so much has changed since I went off last may. I also have all my annual leave to take yet  so with that and phased return hopefully I wont need to go back fulltime till april or may!!

Hope all other july junkies are doing well now and getting on with their lives, I must say that healthwise I feel much better but am a little emotional now for some reason plus I am not sleeping. Still on quite high dose of steroids tho for my dermatomyostis which I am reducing v slowly. Told my cholestrol is way too high at 9.1 too but I refuse to take statins as they can affect muscles. I am not overweight,never smoked, no other risk factors ie no heart probs in family, and I eat pretty healthy..so its a bit annoying lol!, just going to eat even better and hope for the best.

Julie and Nette, me and ian popped into the mcmillan coffee corner as castle hill on mon and Tricia, the nice blonde lady asked after you all. It was v quiet without our 'rowdy gang' haha.

Anyway, hope this thread does continue so we can keep up to date on everyones progress back in the real world. Happy 2014.


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Bumping up the JJs and saying a big Hi to all.

I am still plodding through. Spent yesterday seeing the cardiologist, lots of tests MRI, echos, xrays and then saw the consultant who says I can continue with Herceptin - phew!! Counting down my rads, 4 to go and skin holding up. Have my meeting with HR soon and my phased return to work. So I have a plan.

Hope you all well, happy and enjoying life

Kat xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Kat. Thank you so much. Why does it make us feel better to hear of others in a similar boat. Maybe because you have survived and I will too. I would have found it easier without the continual discomfort from the ped tram. I will check out that web site as soon as I hit post. We have never been to France.
Without scare mongering it is worth flaging to all first timers that you are at higher risk of a recurrence once you have had one bc. That is why you get annual checks but only the scans appear to be reliable.
On a positive I went swimming today for the first time since March. I manage 16 length crawl. Not my normal mile but my shoulders worked well and I think Feel a little looser.
Chezzap well done chemo done last last of se. I think I have bounced back well and hope you do to. Are you having rads now?
We are looking at Canaries for winter sun. But as we are committed until Feb then we hit 2 weeks of half term then on 10th March I am booked into center Parcs, sherwood forest I am not sure we are going to manage the winter sun until we are into spring. Maybe we can then think of France.
All the best to everyone

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Nette what a fab GP you have, I never see the same one from one appointment to the next. 

We like to think they have so many cross checking procedures in place that none of us can fall through the net, but we do. My own story is that even with my Mum having BC and me being annually screened, they missed on mammogram my first cancer. When I found the "thickening" I doubted myself because I had a mammo and the letter to prove it was OK 2 weeks before. My GP doubted me and I waited. This is probably where a big practise works because on my 3rd GP I was sent to the hosp or maybe to shut me up !!?? Well that was 2008 and I had a letter of apology and my fave word "hindsight". It is a mountain to get over as far as trust is concerned and my Onc (different hospital) was fab and they have held my hand and screened and reassured and listened, especially with my new 2013 one. You will feel let down, I did. But using a cliche time does heal and so does a good European holiday or 2 or more.

I love http://www.welcomecottages.com/ for France.

Off to rads Kat xxxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

thanks ladies


nette hope you ok and the rads go well.  Winter sun sounds lovely whereabouts in Spain you thnking of going??

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Chezzap, congratulations on graduating from chemo uni. Hopefully, you are celebrating right now! 


What a nightmare we all went through last few months.... we all deserve to have a happy and healthy future ahead of us. 


love to all my JJs....




Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi NetteW,


If you want to start a new thread about what's happened to you then the forum 'standards in care' may be the right place to post where you can compare notes with others.  Please do remember though not to make mention of any professional by name as per BCC's Community Guidelines.  Here's the link to the standards in care area of these forums.




Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hope that the reason we are all quiet is because everyone is trying to get back to whatever passes as normal
I went to see my GP today and was with her for 45 mins on a 10 min appointment. I ran through the waiting area with my head down. I don't even stop to make another appointment. She wants to see me after I see the onc. I do hope there is no more bad news out there.
She had a good look at my arms and breast area and she identified some thickening of the breast muscle that needs excercising and massage. She also told me that the tingling in the tips of my fingers and the souls of my feet may not go away as it is caused by damage to the tiny nerve ends at the extremities. She has recommended that I return to swimming and continue with walking.
I told her how angry I am that was not scanned in 2012 before they did my recon mx. I know we can't go back but she is going to write to the breast clinic and my plastic sureon to find out why the normal checks were not carried out.
I know many of the reasons but they need to know they failed.
I know to most of you this will mean nothing but it is so cathartic to write it down.
I don't have another outlet unless I start another ribbon and I am not sure whether it is helpful to run a ribbon to highlight problems. Maybe a bcc will advise.

Other than the tingle I feel great and have just found European Inc. Spain annual travel ins for me and OH for £150.00. We are both looking forward to getting our life back and I am hoping life will be better than before. It looks like we may be able to gomfind some winter sun in Feb.

Love to you all and I hope you are all feeling as well as I am.

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Morning all,

Well sorting out the kitchen calendar was cathartic and definitely allowed me to put 2013 behind me. The new year is always one of those jobs that leaves me thinking as everyone gets older and others ..............

2013 was full of hospital visits and appointments, I had actually forgotten the enormity of the early roller coaster of it all. Saying that Jan 2014 is stuffed as still on rads. So BoF I might come looking for you on Jan rads. I have had 5 so far and OK, skin did get a bit itchy after the last zap but lathered on the cream. Most annoying part is the distance to the hospital takes a good 30-40 mins drive each way. I have my appt to see the cardiologist on the 14th so hopefully will find out about whether I can continue with Herceptin.

Chez great news last oneSmiley Happy

Hope you are all are well and happy, Love to all Kat xxxxxxxxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi to you all and HNY. Been out of wifi range while away. Hope all are well. Started rads yesterday. Lucky for me there is now a jan rads thread. I will pop in from time to time to see if anyone has posted how they are getting on, but it's so quiet on here nowadays. I am assuming this is a good thing and everyone is getting on with 2014. Best foot forward and all that. Love to all BOF

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Good news Chezz, well done! Will you be having Rads afterwards?  


Hope everyone doing OK....!



Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

happy new Year junkies

hope you all have a good one.  Im due to finish chemo on Monday am very excited!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Happy New Year to all my fellow JJs.

What a year we have had. So many of us have passed through and I hope gained strength and moved on.

For 2014 I wish you all peace, love and happiness, good health and great times.

Kat xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Happy New Year to all my lovely JJs...

This is the year for chocolate and champagne!

2013 was the year best forgotten, and 2014 will the year to build bridges sgain with ourselves.  

Without all your support I would have been very lost. You are my inspiration,  you are my comfort. We'll build our lives again. THANK YOU... 

Love you lots




Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Hi everyone
It is very quiet on here these days, hopefully this means most of us arecmoving forward and not needing the. Vety special support offered by the forum as much these days.
I am going through a stage of real anger. Manly regarding the lack of check from furing my first diagnoses in 2012. If I had had a scan that year before tge mx and pedicle recon they would have found the 2nd cancer and I would be back to gaining full health now instead of still suffering tge after effects of the operation and looking ahead to a reduction operation later this year.
Having said all that I am looking forward to a healthy 2014 with minimal hospital visits and lots of time away in the caravan.

Wishing all the July Junkies a wonderful 2014 this is a new start. Health and happiness to you all. I am not forgetting those still in the middle of treatment either heciptin, radiotherapy or still doing chemo. You have be progressing since July the worst is over just a short tine to go now.

Happy days Nette

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

Heart Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas!!!!!!

4th Herceptin on New Years Eve then party at my eldest daughters oh yes!!!

Cardio appt 22nd Jan, follow up rads appt 6th Feb and onc appt 11th Feb as well, what a way to start 2014!!!

Thank you to Nette and Bumblebee for my Christmas card, hope you are both doing well with your skin after rads.

Mahsa, sorry to hear all that you are going through, sending love xxx

Kat, I had to have ECG and Echo after 1st Herceptin as my heart wasnt doing too well, cardio doc was pleased with my results so alls good and im sure you'll be fine too xxx


So all you other lovely JJ's, heres to 2014!!!


Onwards and upwards xx xx xx


Love to you all and Thank you for all your fantastic advice and support throughout this crappy year xxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July? We are now the July Junkies!

To all you wonderful Junkies that have helped me get though the last year. May I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a return to full health in the New Year.
Santa I want the same as Masha. PLEASE.
Julie and Bumblebee it was a real treat to have meet you and your families this year and made the rads fly past.
To anyone still waiting to entre rads nothing to fear go forward with the end in sight.
To the few still doing chemo please don't think you are forgotten we are still here rooting for you.
May you all drink and be merry and enjoy your presents.
Best wishes and big hugs to you all
Nette and OH who so appreciates how much it has helped using the forum and not bending his ears all the time.