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Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

I have now taken my 8 steroids ready for Taxotere tomorrow. Apparently I should have taken 4 in the morning and 4 at 6.00pm but no one had mentioned this and I was worried about not sleeping if I took them too late. Joyce11 so glad it went well for you - reassures me and fingers crossed it continues.  Manicmum - Sorry to hear you are suffering and really hope your GP helps you with strong painkillers.  Hopefully you will be fit for Monday.  I popped into work yesterday, it seemed so fast paced after being off so long I don't think I could keep up with it all now! It seemed strange that work life is going on as normal which I expect but I feel in limbo getting through this is like a delay in getting on with my life. Only thought like this since going into work  Usually I meet my friends out of work.  The end is in sight now and thinking of celebrations for when chemo has finished.  In the meantime will take your advice and go shoe shopping - a girl always needs a pair.  xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

I teach year 3. Both my oncologist and Bcn think I shouldn't work, but as no one has signed me off I'm going to keep going.   I've suffered from depression since my teens and finally love what I do, and have avoided any problems for the lady couple of years. If I take a chunk of time out I think I'd end up in bed and struggle to get on with life again.

i and my first tax on Friday, unfortunately had a very bad night with pain last night, so off today, going to gp shortly. 

My mouth is a mess of swelling and sores 😞 hopefully they can give me something for that!

Love to you all 

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi All

Had first T yesterday and it went quite well - in fact I got in early. Feeling not too bad this morning but abit apprehensive about the likelihood and severity of the side effects to come - but trying to stay positive. Happier with my bloods as I had a low WBC so havebeen taking in some super foods and results better - might just be good luck!! Have had really runny eyes but luckily sister who is an orthoptist has been able to suggest drops and this has really helped - surprisingly dry eyes run a lot so the drops are for dry eyes - have been brilliant.

Going down to Herne Bay in the sun for lunch and ice cream on the sea front - small trip as live quite near there.

Hope you all have a good day.

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Joyce I admire you ladies on FEC and Taxotere - I'm on the weekly pax and although it's a pain being weekly, I understand it's weaker than the FEC-T - we don't have to go home with extra meds like the steroids that I think you have to take on the FEC-T but I could be wrong.  I get steroids through the port when I have chemo but i did need extra anti sickness so they sent me home with Emend last week as I think the sickness caught up with me, but they told me that usually everything you need for the Pax is given through the drip?  Not saying it's easy - it's not but i think more manageable apparently, well that's what I've been told.  No 6 tomorrow so halfway there - Sperry I'm 2 behind you but having 12 rather than 18 - not sure why different consultants offer different regimes.  Shoe shopping sounds good to me - we definitely need to spoil ourselves.  I'm still trying to go into work one day a week and sometimes work from home as well but my job is totally different now.  I'm a lawyer but just couldn't cope with the stress so doing a bit of admin only for the time being.  We need to win the lottery - a share in euro millions would be nice! Xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Fanta...buying new shoes definitely does it for me everytime..lol. Youre right about the small things and even more so about saving your energy for those who are important. ...youre nearly there, it all will go so quickly now....and the light will be shining brighter at the end of youre next cycle.

I went into work ....AMU 60 bedded, (as having MRI anyway at some Ossie)...for a quick 'hi' today and after going up for 5 mins i can safely say i definitely would not have lasted an hour working whilst doing chemo!!...so well done for lasting as long as you did. x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Jo I work for the NHS. I have had 4/6 FEC and I have just stopped work. I am so relieved. I really thought I could cope and did for a while but my role is an admin role for blood and transplant. And I was worried about not doing a good job and it was stressing me out! For a while continuing to work gave me a focus but now I am just feeling more exhausted. My kids are young and I need to have my energy for home come at them and getting out of bed in the morning! I'm feeling good today, my hair is ever shedding ( I am doing the cold cap) but I'm holding on to whatever I have left. I still look okay in a scarf… Hopefully will continue to do so but who knows! Sending lots of positive vibes to everyone, I need to focus on that light at the end of the tunnel to get me through these last two chemotherapy treatments. Before I start radio!!! Bring it on! I bought a new pair of shoes today which was surprisingly therapeutic. It's the small things Lol xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Joyce Hope today goes ok for you..1st Tax,..usually get a couple of days honeymoon period before effects kick in, which was different to FEC.

Admire you guys on weekly Pax /chemo too, dont think id have coped well with that, its funny how differing trust use differing regimes. What effect does that have?....is it gentler than Docetaxel to be given weekly?


Also really admire you ladies who are still working...wow, how do uou do it. Reading through the thread i was Just wondering what everyone does gor living...seems a few healthcare workers..Ros & me, teachers..manicrum....i was told iby my consultant i couldnt work due to nature of my workplace and risk of infection on chemo..been off since beginning of May and am soooo bored....return dates will realistically be probably in January i think.

Gonna pop onto unit today before my MRI to show my face and blag a coffee.

Hope today is kind to everyone.


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Morning Ladies, JKY03 - thank you for all your tips, it is always good to hear from people that are going through treatment as that is the best advice. The main SE seems to be bone pain and to possible pre-empt it like you say.  Hope your nails are surviving and now not too painful.  It seems to be the thing now travelling further distances but it does give children good life experience.  My son went to Thailand as part of his travelling and did a Muay Thai course which was pretty gruelling in the heat and they were pushed to their limits by all accounts.  Good opportunity to meet fellow travellers from across the world. It did give him a taste for travelling and a couple of years later went to Australia for two years first working on farms, wine picking and finished in Melbourne doing bar work.  I just wish I had the opportunity to do this when I was younger before settling down.

Joyce11 - think today is your first T - please let us know how you get on.  My first one is this Friday and as it will be different to the FEC feel apprehensive all over again.  I think it is quicker though so less time with the cold cap too which is a positive. 

Manicmum - how was first day back at School - what year do you teach?  I admire the fact you can work during treatment and it does give some normality to your life; I can't as I work in the Health profession but think would find it difficult to concentrate full time and glad the option has been taken from me. 

Mazzi - hope your bone pain has settled down now.  FEC side effects are different so hopefully that won't be one of them.  I have been lucky with minimal side effects on FEC so fingers crossed for you. 

Enjoy the day and reading your posts so helps me get through this - it is not the best club to be in but the support I feel reading the posts just makes me feel I am not the only one doing this.  xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Another evening post as the steroids keep me up on a tues.

carolec - had my 8/18 pax today and next week will have Herceptin no 4..

Jo - good news on the compleion of you chemo cycles and best wishes for the next round.


Most greetings the week from colleagues were that I was looking washed out - cheers folks. Lost a lot of colour and blame it on my blood counts. Those low to middling are too low and those low to high are too high. Will ask ONC next week but hope nothing too serious. Didn't have my normal nurse and she was a bit brutal with my blood test and still have the bruising. Funny but doing that is worse then having the 2.5 hours of IV.


had a few curries over the last couple of months as well as bacon sandwiches. My current craving Of late are tempura prawns and olive (not together). I get well in eating discussions with anyone who  is pregnant.


 I Was running on 3/4 cylinders last weekend but that could be because I still haven't done half way but also we can't go camping for a few weeks. Not because of SE!s or infection but because Motorhome has engine malfunction so hubby had better sort out soon. However coming up to family birthday season so something to look forward too, which may include a glass of wine or 2.


best wishes to all as each week is another week til end of  our chemo TX.


PS I have registered to go to a Forum meeting in London so hope well enough to go.


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Morning all...

Mazzi i remember my daughter starting college...shes at uni now 2nd year....the worries stay the same for us but its exciting times for them. Sounds like your gaving tough time skin wise...thankfully so far ive been ok..ish, tips of fingers very dry and sensitive and obsessively moisturising my hands and feet as they feel uber sensitive...found hemp oil best for me.

Sarah i had a few drinks in my good weeks...planned nights out/trips away when i was at my best...though everything i drank tasted absolutely cack!!..especially on Docetaxel, ended up on shandies all the time when out which normally i wouldnt touch. Cant remember last time i drank wine.....one things for sure im gonna be a cheap night out in the pub when this is done...a couple of halves and im done. 

Hope all those with kids back at school/college/uni enjoy thd peace...and arent too stressed...Meg goes back in Oct...im enjoying quiet house for a week..shes in Thailand, hubbys' at work but going to Brussels at weekend to see friends...im soooo looking forward to house to myself and days out having catch ups & coffees with friends...too early for ought stronger yet!!

Fingers crossed for all having treatment vthis week


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi All, on my good week now so stuffing myself silly to get some weight back on before consultant appointment Wednesday. Have been soooo tired this time, heels are peeling and my nails on hands and feet have been agony for a few days but thankfully starting to ease.

As weather was nice yesterday I sorted out he garden, so much nicer to look at now and although I was shattered the exercise is always good.

Taking it easy now as youngest son starts college Wednesday, he's fine but I'm starting to stress, it's like the first day of school all over again but instead of buying shoes it's steel capped boots!, meeting up with work colleague's Friday lunchtime and out with my best mates in the evening.

Sarahd I know it's too late for answer now but I don't think a few drinks hurt anyone, as long as your not on any strong meds at the time, once I stop Tramadol I'll have the odd one on my good week. I'm hoping I won't need the Tramadol when I start FEC next week, the worst thing for me is definitely losing my sense of taste.

Enjoy the rest of this hopefully nice weather this week ladies xx


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi ladies sorry to drop in on your thread. Im after some advice. I'm going for lunch I have had my first FECT and the next one is in 11 days I fancy a couple of vodkas I had 2 vodkas on Friday what is a safe limit? I hope all of you are ok congratulations on some of you that have finished chemo must be such a relief big hugs xxxxxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

What a lovely sunny day here in gods own County...sat having a cuppa trying to resist a bacon sandwich!...i fear i will lose that battle..lol.

Started with aches and discomfort on Friday...its like clockwork...Docetaxel Tues, bus hits Friday night, but it is definitely easier 3rd time round as know what to expect..only took 1 lot of pain relief yesterday so could sleep last night...first Tax was taking it every 2 to3 hrs! Still feel 'vague/whoozy' when tired but again not as severe..couldnt drive for a week after first T but no probs now. Was naughty last night..had fab takeaway curry...and could taste it...taste is mildly better than before and mouth ok too.

Everyday is a little better, every step closer to recovery...just know that ladies.

Off to Filey for a walk and a 'stiff breeze'...nowt lkke blowing the cobwebs away, .... our daughter Meg is flying to Thailand today with her boyfriend for 3 weeks hols, ...so trying not to stress over her...i remember when i was 19..a weeks trip to Majorca was the teen hol if choice...now theyre inter railing, or going to Aus/NZor Far East....lucky things...as it should be, life is a thrill and so much to experience.

So ends my Sunday morning rambling.

Have a good day all.xx Jo

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Thanks for the message joyce

inwas a bit worried about it, as a lady fgere when I had my last FEC had an allergic reaction, which worried me! All was fine, glad no sickness this time round, but I understand the side effects kick in later with T?

lovely to spend some time with your sister, must be fab to have a twin! 

It's really turned a bit chilly, which is unfortunate with a lack of hair!

hope Wednesday goes well fo you x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Manicmum

I hope your first T went well - i have my first T on Wednesday and not really looking forward to it but hope to be lucky and have few side effects. My twin sister is with me for the week as the husband is away so we are really going to have a few days before Wednesday to enjoy ourselves. She lives in Lancashire so we don't see each other as often as we would like but when we do we give it our all!!! We are identical although she will have to change her hairstyle for that to be true for a while!!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Thanks Jo, class back tomorrow then my first T on Friday. Just got to hope I keep well.

hope you're keeping well xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

I'm also still popping over here now and again - brilliant news that you've finished your chemo jky03 and good luck on your next journey.  I'm also having herceptin and had the second one last Thursday,  I'm having same chemo as Sperry - weekly paclitaxol - and it'll be no 5 for me tomorrow - 7 weeks to go and counting till I'm finished and then onto rads and hormone therapy and the herceptin for a year.  Sperry how many pax are you having - think you were possibly the same as me her2+ ER+ PR+?  It's good that we're getting through this and must say that the discussions on here re SE's, tips etc have been invaluable - went to doctor today and knew exactly what meds and creams to ask for - good luck with treatment this week xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi everyone! I have been popping in & out trying to keep up to date with everyone's progress & taking advice from you all regarding side effects. On the whole I've been feeling pretty good & haven't suffered too badly with dreaded SE. I had my 3rd FEC last Thursday & feel sooo lethargic this time & tire so quickly. I was given Emend for the nausea this time & it worked brilliantly. I'm having neo adjuvant chemo too & saw onc today who confirmed the lump has really shrunk, he could hardly feel it :)! I'm having 3 cycles of T & am expecting very different side effects from FEC, if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. I've read something about antihistamines & tramadol. Was this prescribed? Thank you all & good luck with your journeys too xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Kobeobe7

After my first chemo I saw the BCN because I was concerned that it was my seroma getting worse again but in fact she thinks the swelling is down to the chemo and as i already had lymphoedema then she felt that might be increased as well and it is or can be a side effect from the chemo. It seems to stay the same really - tight, quite ugly looking and sore on the side of my chest. Not worrying about it because I feel it will be sortable once the chemo has finished - bit like weight gain really sort out themess once it all ends!!




Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Thanks Mazzi...

are you or anyone else having the neo adjuvant treatment pathway?... sorry youve struggled recently, do try keep having gentle exercise...short walks it really does help.

I see surgeon end of Sept again....awaiting Rpt MRI first to see where my tumours at...hopefully its continued with excellent response and hopefully looking at WLE...i'll know on the 29th.

Any pre surgery tips and experiences of ops from those who've already had it would be most welcome too.


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi All, still feeling rough,tight chest, fatigue, twitchy eyes and quite unsteady on feet, think I need to give myself a kick up the backside otherwise I could end up a bit agrophobic. My friend whose been through all this did say the time you feel well does reduce between sessions, it's just weird that I've had different SE's with each one.

Well done Jky for the fundraising and getting through the chemo, if you change threads let us know where you go, I'm about 9 weeks behind you. Good luck for op and rads.

Sperry, I to have a Rachel Welch wig and an Nhs wig which my friend used, one is a bob, the other a crop and different colours, not used either very much but shall bring out more as weather cools. Joyce, love the fact you've named your wigs and prosthetic!:) Have a good day all x



Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Congrats to the chemo graduate. 😊 What an achievement to get to the end. I'm sitting here waiting for FEC 3 so hope it goes as quickly for me. Onwards and upwards xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Well thats me finished with the chemo!!...except Herceptin and Tamoxifen, op in Oct the Rads in November.

It realy seemed to come round quickly after my 3 FEC..." it always seems impossible until its done".....


Long day yesterday though, issues getting access, 5 attempts at cannula-then allergic reaction after completing Docetaxel, became nauseaous, dizzy, sweaty++++,tight chest and flushed,fast pulse and high bp....eased after another cannula sited and iv steroids and antihistimines, ...had Herceptin but had to stay in unit extra hours for monitorring so long day all in all...thankfully was able to get home at 7ish and slept despite shed loads of steroids!!

A bit shaky today, so feet up and boxsets at the ready. Daughters with her boyfriend are going travelling around Thailand on Sunday so we're putting finishing touches to her backpack....loperamide,Deet,Diaorliyte,etc...cant be too careful!!

Goodluck to all having chemo this week, and ongoing.... i had my hard times and lots of wobbles but with help and suppirt from family and friends and grest advice from here i kept managing to keep putting one foot infront of the other! 

Im gonna still keep visiting as havd a few weeks of recovery from this cycle yet, but have faith ladies...you will get to the end of this and come out stronger.xx


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Kobeobe7, my op site swells just like yours. The chemo nurse said to me that wound healing more or less stops for the duration of chemo - a bit occurs in week 3. I find my nails grow in week 3 too! X

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Joyce

Does your op site get sore and swollen post chemo?  I'm finding it gets really sore and tight from day 3 - 10 then goes back to 'normal'.  It seems to be getting more noticeable with each cycle. I was going to ask my oncologist today about it but feel reassuured that it's not just me.  I love my softie too. X

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Sperry

I too have a wig of Racquel Welch style - she has been out a few times - it was really the only style that made me look anything like me! However my NHS wig is called Zoe - resonable style but not colour. I quite like having these new "friends" - but they take some getting used to. Poor "betty" my prosthesis friend is having an enforced rest at the moment as my op site is quite tender due to chemo and have some lymphoedema ther but coping well with the "softie".

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi all. Sounds as if most people have had more downs then ups this month but we battle on. 

Carole - aware you are now on August thread but good luck also to holly now your on embarking on your next treatment.

i had to miss a week last week as prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection but back on pax today ,only 11 to go. Still managed to go camping at the weekend but got really knackered after doing a 8 mile bike ride but I feel better for it now.  Most of you seem to be on FEC which sounds as if it brings its own SE so I am a bit ignorant in that respect but I send you all my love and support. My medicine cabinets at home is well stocked  as though not having to use much except for a bit of co -codimal for joint pain . The hospital team keep giving me prescriptions as they are free, which in my line of work I could make a pretty penny from but ONC and Occupational Health say although I am still working I cannot meet face to face with my clients do doing lots iof admin.


thanks  all for support and ref to ffor your Picc line thoughts. Veins still holding out for both IV and bloods.


the wig (Raquel Welch infatuation) still hasn't had its first outing yet. Hair still holding out but now very obvious thin. People think I have just gone grey as I was ginger.


i have joined a local Bravefront group which meets first tues of each month in a church hall and then every 3rd Thursday down the local pub. They have been a great support 


also so forgot to mention last time my sister did a strawberry tea party and raised£490 for BCC


warmest thoughts to those who have put the heating on I think I will be doing that this weekend unless we get an Indian summer. 


Ps my chemo brain made me put washing up bottle in fridge tonight and milk in cupboard!!!!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Good luck Manicmum starting back at school. It feels a bit strange me not going back to work for the new term like I've forgotten something.  Hope it goes well for you.  Jo xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Ros,

indeed Tax is a whole new ball gam, for me anyway, felt relatively well on FEC apart from nausea and first few days post dose.

With Tax it usually hits 4 days post dose...so i have mine on Tues, by sat/sun its kicking in...literally. Ive found the fatigue,breathlessness and bone/joint pains the most troublesome. I had worrying pelvic pains too..felt was in labour, but this was bone related. Ensure you have good analgesics for the pain..i managed with regular ibuptofen and paras for couple of days then as needed. Some folk may need stronger codeine based pain relief...see your GP if need to dont suffer. Some also say taking Clarytin helps reduce aches and pains...??anyone advise with this.

Rest plenty, drimk lots and eat little and often..i found iced smoothies great for sore mouth, oh and literally everything tastes salty!!...even water but this is for about 5/6 days....lemon and lime soda was refreshing or fresh pineapple before you eat to stimulate your taste buds. Look after your mouth..regular non alcohol based m/washes,

My skin got really dry too..plenty moisturisers and nail care..i use coconut oil and body shop hemp lotion.

Also had more flushes and sweats with Tax...nice!

Also tummy upsets afterdays 6 to 8...take loperamide if need to...it does settle though. 

Also be aware your counts drop more with Tax and so care in crowds, food prep, avoid folk with infections...i took Filgastrim injs for first 7 days post cycle to stimulate my hone marrow...that can increase bone pain too unfortunately..and it caused my pulse rate to rise.

Keep a diary of your symptoms and then you can predict where youre at for the next 2 cycles....it helps.

Sounds grim but my 2nd cycle was much better as knew what to expect and ore empted oains etc.


My hair started growing after T1...but am aware Tax cand cause hair loss but so far so good...it white,its thin but its growing!..also using coconut oil on my head.

Good luck with new drugs,hope it hoes smoothly for you...remember to rest plenty and be kind to yourself.



Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hopefulholly - so sorry to hear you are leaving the thread and to hear about the horrid side effects you have been getting. Good luck going through rads and please pop back to the thread to let us know how you get on.  Interesting to read about abx and Ibuprofen on your other thread. I was taking the full dose of Ibuprofen along with abx when i had and still have cellulitis.  Since reading your comment, I have since reduced and now use the Ibuleve gel when necessary.  Thank you for informing us. 

jky03 - what an amazing amount you raised for Cancer Research and MacMillan - well done.  Good luck tomorrow for your LAST T - it must feel so good to have this end in sight and onward then for surgery.  I start my last three T on 11th September so any tips would be appreciated.  The side effects seem different to FEC.  Have you said previously your hair has started to grow back already?  It would be good to know and a positive to keep in mind.  Hope you are all having a relaxing Bank Holiday.  Sun has just started  to shine.  Time for a walk.  xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Afternoon ladies,

up early for bloods today...had to go to York 23 miles away for them cos of BH...only took 5 attempts today, have friable veins now, hopefully all will be ok for LAST chemo tomorrow...whoop!!.

Husband did Brave the Shave and we had a BBQ yesterday...total raised for Cancer Research snd Macmillan was £1140!!...brill, but absolutely cream crackered today.

Feet up, plenty of rest and looking forward to getting all this done and dusted. 

Have a good day all.x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Mazzi,  I haven't found the taste thing too much of an issue. I read somewhere to suck an ice lolly or ice cube when the 'e' part of the concoction is administered - the bright red one.  I don't know if this helped but I haven't had the metallic taste that some people have complained about or the mouth ulcers. For the first 10 days I just eat bland carbohydrates as that is all I fancy - and ready salted crisps!  I eat little and often as that makes me feel better and drink fizzy water with lime squeezed in. Normal water tastes a bit weird.  My appetite for "normal" food comes back in the second week but I have lost interest in food and I'm making myself eat. 


I've got my final FEC on Wednesday and then I'm onto the T part which i'm nervous about. I think I need to get some tramadol in case I need it. Xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Kobeobe, Glad to report no issues on that count with final T Tuesday! I'm so fed up this time though, have had more bone pain and exhaustion this time, though not as bad as first session, just sick and tired of not being able to eat or drink properly, everything is disgusting and I can only manage a few mouthful's of food before feeling full, although my stomach is still rumbling, took Tramadol for 2 days longer this time because of pain but stopped today as the side effects of those don't help either. I have 3 lots of FEC to look forward to now, does it have the same effect on eating and tasting food, I hope not 😞 . Enjoy the bank holiday all x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Sarahd. I always go for a walk every day, no matter how tired I am. Tends to help me feel a bit better and a little less tired.

good luck x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Mazzi ignore that last post. For some reason the web page opened on an old post of yours  and not on the current page.  That happens sometimes - don't know why.  My chemo brain didn't notice the date until it was too late and I'd posted a response! Xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Mazzi, glycerin suppositories give almost instant relief. Had to resort to them occasionally in pregnancy. They do the job. Xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi ladies how are you this morning? It's a very rainy day here today and I'm in day 5 after my first FEC. I feel ok a bit weak and a little bit tired but would like to get out of the house for a little while do you have any suggestions? Xxxxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.


Carole, thanks for sharing your friend's experience, that's encouraging and good luck with the arrival of your grandchild.


Joyce, I'm afraid I won't be celebrating with wine anytime soon as I've learnt more about the condition of my kidneys. I'm going to post on the general chemo thread to raise awareness of the potential risks of taking medications whilst on chemo.


Wishing all of you the very best x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Hopeful Holly and all the best for the next step, x

hi jck03, that's interesting about how you got on. I am keen to get all the T if I can but the neuropathy is scary. Hope you enjoy the rest of your break and best wishes for the last chemo, x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Good luck Hpefulholly - hope it all improvesand that the next phase of your treatment goes well. Don't give up the drink - I will support you with that !!!

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Goodluck Hopefully...hope all goes well.

Josie i also got some neuropathy with FEC...i thought but was told by onco it was due to steroid dosage which he reduced...my symptoms then eased...but i remained convinced was the FeC. My arms and legs esp quads feel weaker with Tax...heavy...and having some pins and needles though thus is mild, i saw onco today who said was expected and will improve, all set for last chemo on Tuesday!

Re headaches they were hit and miss with FEC and thankfully havent had any with the Tax so far, touch wood!

In the the Lakes now, had a nice wander earlier...short though as hubby has MS and we both get fatigued now...what a pair! Still he managed to find a micro brewery and some lovely local produce shops...a gorgeous cheese shop  

May force myself to putmy shandypants on later.

Have a good weekend all, we're in Lakes till Saturday morning, then off to Morecambe for footy. 


Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Good luck Hopefulholly with the next step in your treatment. Do keep us posted and I hope you get over those horrid side effects soon. Xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Just popped over from the August 2015 thread - originally in this thread - to say good luck hopefulholly with your next set of treatment.  A friend of mine was in a similar situation to you and had to stop chemo for health reasons - that was 13 years ago and she's now a a very spritely 54 year old and like you she was borderline for chemo.  Congratulations as well on the birth of your granddaughter and you will now be able to enjoy her without thinking about the dreaded chemo.  My first grandson is due to be born on 22 September by planned Caesarian so have been knitting like mad.  Now you can have a nice rest before your rads start - good luck on your next journey love Carole xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Hopefulholly, so sorry to read your having such a bad time with it all and that you will be leaving the thread. It does bring it home just how serious this all is and that you can become a bit complacent when feeling ok. Best of luck for the future and please come back when you can to let us know how your getting on xxx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

I think we're all entitled to a bad day and as that was my first 'down' post I don't think I've done too badly. 


I'll be leaving this thread as, after just 3 FEC my oncologist has decided that my body can't cope with any more chemo so I won't be starting the dreaded docetaxol after all. As well as the thrombosis my kidneys aren't functioning as they should be so my oncologist feels that the health risks of chemo are far greater than the benefits, particularly as I was borderline for chemo. I have mixed feelings about this but the decision was taken out of my hands. My radiotherapy will start once I've recovered from this setback so I'll be joining a September / October rads group.


I'll pop back in to see how everyone is getting on and wish you all the very best. X

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi Jky, what a morning you had and good for you for braving it out.

I had FEC 3 yesterday so am feeling pretty grim - nausea and headache. Didn't get the headache with round 2  so feel a bit miffed. I've been getting a wee bit of peripheral neuropathy with the FEC so while they will try the T next, I may have to go back to the FEC for the last 2 😕. On a positive note, hubby managed not to break the bank in the shops while he was waiting for me this time......

I hope everyone is as well as they can be, xx

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Morning all,

Lets hope today us a bit better for us all....mine got off to a cracking start.

Took my daughter to work at 6.45..as needed car today as out for lunch with friends later...dropped her off, but thanks to her leaving my car with fumes only to run on had to call at the garage in town....in my Pjs, slippers and bald headed! Surrounded in que by white van man i adopted an air of aloofness, looked them all squarely in the eye and bossed my PJs. lol, 

It can only get better.

Know what you mean L re breaking it down into chunks of time, thats what ive done and seems to really help....my friend who had treatment 3 yrs ago said that how she coped too.

My washings draped all overvthe house....dont mind it really, its quite a comforting normality, but not liking these cooler temperatures...got some radiators on.

Hopefullyholly ..nothing worse than sore mouth, no wonder youre feeling a bit down...i had blisters under my tongue after FEC2....used regular difflam mouthwashes,...or salt water rinses after and in between meals if too painful for mouthwash also cool iced smoothies really helped when couldnt eat well. Have used no alcohol corsydyl daily mouth washes since and no problems. My feet also cracked and peeling with TAX...used coconut oil and i found Bodyshops Hemp hand protector best stuff for it....tried allsorts but this worked...hope you feel better soon.

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

Hi All, congrats Hopefullholly on new granddaughter, was also my Aunties name!. Seems like everyone going through a rough patch, mine no doubt is about to start as had 3rd and final T today, with any luck I will get meds right this time, but then start on 3 lots of FEC so will have to start from scratch.

Looks like one more crappy morning of rain then should have a few nice days, I don't think the miserable dark days help any of us and nothing worse than wet clothes indoors on the airer when you dont own a tumble dryer!. I have managed to refrain from putting heating on but have put oiled filled radiator on in kitchen first thing in the morning as I live in an old Victorian house.

Fingers crossed we will have a good September again this year to cheer us up, take care all x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

The weather is miserable, although we e had some lovely days inbetween the pants ones!

i suppose I'm very lucky to have young children, no chance of spending all morning in bed? Without them ma king me get on with life. Schools back next week. My new head has been incredibly supportive, so fingers crossed I'll manage the half term while the chemo finishes. 

I have to think of it all in chunks of time, makes it more manageable somehow. 

Take care all 

L x

Re: Anyone starting chemo in July 2015?

And I've the central heating on for the second night in bleeding August! Ok, so the next post will be more upbeat!