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Armpit Thrush


Re: Armpit Thrush

Hi I had just the same problem and I was on holiday too !
It was quite uncomfortable for about 5 days but eventually it cleared up. I did try to allow the area to be unrestricted by clothing as much as I could, letting fresh air to it.
I was told by my onc that it would happen,but it was not nice so you have my sympathy.

Armpit Thrush

Hi all, sorry to post a subject that is a bit gross but just wanted to know if anyone else had had this. I am a week past having three weeks worth of rads and have come on holiday with my family to Cornwall. On the second day of my holiday I started to get a really sore armpit and it started to weep and the discharge was very smelly. I was also in a lot of pain so booked into see the local doctor. He said it was armpit thrush which was common after radiation treatment and gave me some cream to apply. Have been applying the cream three times a day for three days and am still in agony, still weeping and still incredibly swollen and in a lot of pain. This is ruining my holiday has anyone else ever had this and if so how long does it last????