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Asking for help!


Re: Asking for help!

Thank you Ann for your reply, I am at the breast clinic next Thursday but seeing the gp tomorrow due to the skin now beginning to split again through post op lymphomdema. I just hope this will all come to an end very soon!

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Re: Asking for help!

Hi Hannah,

It certainly sounds like you've had an unpleasant time with all this, and although you feel frustrated with the breast clinic, it is best you are referred back there & that you will be seen quickly. 

For anything breast related, it might be an idea to post in the 'ask our nurses' board or call the helpline above if you need to talk things through. 

If you want to, let us know how you get on.

ann x





Asking for help!

Firstly apologies for what will no doubt be a rather long winded message!
So last august I began noticing small changes to my left breast, some slight swelling and pain but a discharge that soon turned bloody. I had an ultrasound at the time and surgery the following month to remove all the ducts. Healing was great and the dis author resolved. However by November the pain became unbearable to the point I went days without sleep and just ran myself into the ground.
In January the left breast doubled in size. Became very red and angry look, to cut a long story short, since this first episode I have now had 9 courses of oral antibiotics along with three weeks iv. I'm at my wits end with getting no where with the breast clinic. I pointed out a swollen node in my armpit and a very large one in my groin but was told it was due to infection, surelyit would have gone with all the antibiotics I've had but it's never budged. The redness has never subsided and makes me question if it is infancy cellulitis or could it be something else?
I've seen the dermatologist who excluded any primary skin disorder and has referred me back to breast clinic to be seen within one week which slightly concerns me.
I can't take antibiotics forever!!!