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August 2016 Starters


Re: August 2016 Starters

Hi, I'm starting 4th August too.

3 cycles of FEC and then 3 cycles of Docetaxol.


Getting my PICC line inserted on 2nd August.


Re: August 2016 Starters

Hello all, 😃
I have not got a start date yet, but will be early August.
I have had a MX no reconstruction.
I will be having 6 rounds 3 weeks apart and herceptin then hormonal treatment and possibly radiotherapy.

V x

Re: August 2016 Starters

Hi , im starting 4th August fec-t and herceptin to follow be good to share experiences and worries  with others x


August 2016 Starters

Hi all,


I thought it might be an idea to start a thread for anyone starting their chemo in August as we're rapidly approaching the end of July.  I'm sure there are already some who know they are starting soon and others will no doubt be joining before the month is out.


I'm part of the June contingent and am just about to have my 3rd FEC.  Please take a look at the other threads  as we're only a few steps ahead of you and everyone is very happy to help.  Having a group go through at roughly the same time you are is really helpful.


All the best,

Belle x