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Axillary Reverse Mapping


Axillary Reverse Mapping

Hi All

In the course of my idle surfing of the internet(!) I have come across reference to this technique.

It seems that researchers may have found a way to tell the lymph nodes that drain the arm from the lymph nodes that drain the breast (ie, the ones that are likely to be infected), which could mean, one day, less carnage in the axilla during surgery and less risk of arm lymphoedema (shouldn't think it would reduce the risk of trunk of breast lymphoedema, much tho')

Whereas it's a bit late in some ways for those of us who have it already, I'm hoping that this increased understanding of the lymphatic system will help those researchers trying to improve, for example, their lymph node transplant techniques on people with established arm lymphoedema.

I know I can't post a link to it here, but if anyone is interested, I have put the link on the uklymph website, in the general discussion section of their forum.