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BC Lymphnode still here 6 months after lymphnode clear out??

BC Lymphnode still here 6 months after lymphnode clear out??

I don't know what to think about this:
In May 2011 I was diagnosed with TNBC, a 3cm tumour in my left breast and 3 involved lymphnodes. 
I had chemotherapy from June till Nov : 4 EC, 4tax. The chemo was hard, but manageable and the tumour and nodes responded well. I had a lumpectomy and node clear out on the 5th Dec 2011. The op went well, I did produce loads of seroma fluid, which eventually became a problem when I developed an staph cocc infection, the underarm wound burst open and I ended up in hospital for a week over the Christmas period!  The resulting wound was left to heal by itself and it took 7 weeks to finally close up. This was followed by 35sessions of radiotherapy, which was finished mid April. 

Last week I had my first yearly checkup - they found a 2cm enlarged lymphnode ( all my breast lymph had been taken out in dec?!) and when they did the fine needle aspiration it contained abnormal ( cancer ) cells. I don't know if the lymphnode was there enlarged all the time or if it was really small at operation and it was missed because it was hiding and then filled up? Why is it now enlarged then? I don't know. It's not really clear and I didnt have another ultrasound since the op,  maybe they should introduce it!? The node will be taken out in a small op very soon ( next couple of weeks).  It just makes me really uncomfortable and worried - the fact it was missed?, that it has been sitting there for 6 months etc. 
The doc says its not a sign that cancer has come back. What is it a sign off?

Then they also saw a shadow in the breast. The next day they removed some liquid (again) and took a couple of core biopsies. First look doesn't show abnormal cells, but he really didn't sound convinced. We are awaiting the results for the 48h test.  He then suggested to have a pet ct scan - some radioactive dye that attaches itself to cancer cells and shows up on the ct. I have booked that for next thu. 

Has anybody heard of anything like this? 
I really don't know what to think now! Panic? Or not quite yet? Is this something that can happen and it doesn't jeopardise my chances or am I screwed? My head is a bit all over.