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BCC literature

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Re: BCC literature

I think Breast Cancer care produces better quality leaflets on breast cancer than the NHS does because it is an independent specialist organisation. The information I've seen given out at hospitals is usually from Backup or from individual voluntary organisations working with people who have different kinds of cancer. I think they are better at understanding what people need to know, that is non medically minded people.

People who work in health can be too bound up with a model of disease, diagnosis and cure rather than a model of a whole person in a family who is living with an illness

BCC literature

Most of the leaflets etc about treatments and symptoms etc that the hospital hand out are from Breast Cancer Care. They're fine - sound, easy to read, etc. Am I alone, however, in thinking this isn't right? I feel it's part of the NHS's job to provide information. I don't think it's right that BCC, a charity, are effectively having to subsidise the NHS in this way.I think it would be better if the NHS produced the basic information that BCC currently do. Also a related point - if the NHS produced the basic leaflets that would free up BCC to do something different - to produce literature that was written by and for sufferers - give more detail and tell it how it is.