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Benefits, Our country has gone to pot!


Re: Benefits, Our country has gone to pot!

Thanks for the replies.

I have looked at the Macmillan page already and the number on there is the one I rang, It currently is out of use but there is a voice recording telling you to press 1 for one option and 2 for another and so on, it sends you round in circles. I don;t know if we have a Maggie center, I've never heard of it before but I'll look into it, Thanks for that info. I am a stay at home mum with 3 kids, the youngest was born very poorly and was in nicu for a good while, She's still very much like a newborn when it comes to sleeping and feeding so I have to stay home with her. Even if I could work we wouldn't be financially better off as my hubby's pay is slightly more than the catchments so we can't claim tax credits to help with child care so we would end up worse off. 
I feel so awful adding extra pressure to his already busy day as it is and it will get worse once the chemo starts, the last thing I need is for him to be worrying about the finances.


Re: Benefits, Our country has gone to pot!

Hi kander I have just completed forms to claim ESA. Have you a maggies centre near to you I found their benefits advisor a great help. Not sure if you work but basically if you do then you can claim as part of the national contributions you have made in the last two years, I'm wondering if your OH could go down a similar route if you've been at home looking after the children. I think it's hard we are penalised for having cancer my pay is half and even with ESA I will be struggling to pay all the bills and eat!!! I've just completed chemo and currently waiting for rads to start.
Maggies or Macmillan appear to have the best advice, I hope you find some help. X

Re: Benefits, Our country has gone to pot!

Hello Kander


Here is a link to the financial page on the Macmillan website, it may help.



Best wishes

June, moderator


Benefits, Our country has gone to pot!

Hi all, 

I'm just here for a rant, I'm supposing there are others equally as annoyed as me. 

I had my mx coming up for 5 weeks ago now and am due to start FEC on the 23rd of december (just in time for xmas, Lovely). I was told by my BC nurse to look into what benefits my husband and I would be entitled to, Finances are tight with him having to take time off work, having 3 under 6's and Christmas right around the corner. 

I rang the enquiry line, Which is now out of use, Got given a new number, rang them and was given a new number, this happened 4 times till I eventually got to speak to a human being, She was helpful to a point but could only tell me about a small portion of information. I'm not bothered about that really, What I am bothered about is the fact that she pretty much told me, Unless I'm already disabled or lazy and on jsa or claiming some other benefit then I've almost no chance of claiming anything. 


Our country is too busy handing out to the wrong people and it winds me up something cronic.


Anyone else been in a similar sittuation and managed to claim in the end. they gave me a number to get the claim form sent to me which I will do anyway but I won't lie on it just to get money like some people I know would. 


I do suffer with Cording after my axillary clearance so I actually still cannot lift my arm (bent at the elbow) past shoulder height and my husband has to help me with my top half clothes wise,