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Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.


Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Evening all. I would like to thank everyone that took the time to reply and comment on this thread. My local hospital have decided that they want to do a hysterectomy first, hopefully,this side of christmas. My chest is on hold, so to speak !

I am sure I will be back for more advice and info and would like to wish all of you my best wishes for anything that you are going through at the moment and in the future.


Will chat soon.


Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

there's a group called flat friends specifically for people who have had mastectomy without reconstruction.

Website Flatfriends.org.uk, they also have a facebook group. I had a unilateral mastectomy and am lopsided to different degrees depending how much seroma I have (only 3 weeks post-op). Not going to have any reconstruction.

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

I’m having a bilateral mx no recon in 3 weeks, after a recurrence. Following this thread with interest!

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hi WrigglyMolly

 I am recovering very well thanks, now nearly seven weeks since bilateral Mx without reconstruction. I have regained full mobility in my arms, have had physio for the last few weeks which has helped, and I have been doing the exercises at least three times a day. I never had any pain or discomfort across the chest, most of the issues were my armpits and upper arms due to the sentinel node biopsies. I am not sure that you would be having that, in which case I'm sure your recovery will be straightforward.

Its hard to generalise about loss of boobs, I think it's a very individual response. I have been absolutely fine about it so far, but my priority was to get rid of the cancer ASAP with the simplest procedure. Also as I am 62, I'm sure the flat chest is less of an issue for me. I recommend you have a look at the flat friends website and Facebook page, lots of information available.

All the best!

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Should have said, I had single mx no recon.

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hi Wrigglymolly


They are in different colours and sizes knitted by kind ladies - ideal for post op.wear and beyond.




Re your recovery and job.  It depends what you usually do or could be transferred to while you heal. Making light meals or dealing with medication would probably be OK  much earlier than helping to get up shower and dress for example. It's important not to pull your chest or arms for a while. It might be good to talk this over with the BC nurse, they are very helpful and knowledgeable and then you could put it before your employer -I hope they are accommodating. We all have different experiences and heal at different rates so it's hard to be specific, which doesn't help you very much I'm afraid. 


Best wishes for your op and recovery.





Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hello ! Dare I ask what a knitted knocker is? I think I can imagine, but...….

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hello. I havent looked on Facebook. I think the thing I am most worried about is time off work. I am a home carer and love my job. I also cant afford to be off work for any longer than necessary. The idea of 1 surgery is appealing. I have a booklet that says that sometimes, there are further surgeries to complete the process, and I dont know if I can be off work that much. I know its my health vs money, and health comes first. But if I dont need subsequent ops, that would be preferable. Thank you for replying and for the support.x


Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hi. Only 6 weeks ago? How are you getting on? Is there any difficulty in your upper body mobility? How have you been with the feeling of losing your boobs? Although my only aim is to remove the cancer risk, they have still been part of me, and I would imagine it would have a psychological affect on some.x

Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hello wrigglymolly - firstly, please don't apologise for coming on here to ask for experience or indeed support. It's a great place to come!

A braver decision to go through what you're going to go through in some ways - I had absolutely no choice (which somehow makes it easier). I also pass on my sympathies on the loss of your mother.

I had a mx and complete node removal last year. I had already had chemo and targetted therapy by the time I had surgery. After surgery I went on to have radiotherapy. I then continued with targetted therapy (herceptin) until June this year.

Because of my situation I can't be considered for recon for at least a year from when the rads finished. This takes me to next February time.

During the time from surgery (Sept 17) to date I have been using falsies. I started with a knitted knocker (which are wonderful) - went to a softie from the BCN and finally was professionally fitted with a prosthetic breast which fits inside a special mx bra. To look at me once the bra is on you'd never know I only had one breast. Once dressed - again you'd never know. There are certain tops which are a no no now ie strapless and low cut - but hey at 50 I can deal with that!!

Obviously I haven't finally made my final decision - majority of days I'm perfectly happy as I am - I do have the occassional day where I'd be delighted not to have to place my breast inside the bra so to speak and just get dressed and go. Another thing I do find bearing in mind my breasts are 38C is that the prosthetic is quite heavy but again you do get used to it.

At the end of the day I guess it's a personal choice - I believe there is a flat friends page on facebook (not that I've personally been on there) and there are several links on this forum where you can gauge other ladies experiences.

Good luck with your surgery and your decision and well done on making the choice to have this life changing surgery in order to prevent this horrid disease.


Re: Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.


I had this six weeks ago, and happy to answer your questions, either via this thread or by PM.


Bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

Hello. I am new to this forum. I would like to have some contact with those who have opted for no reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy. Although I do not have breast cancer, I have inherited the BRCA2 mutation from my mother who passed away just before christmas. The surgery I want will be preventative, hopefully. I dont want to offend anyone as I appreciate that this forum is for those with cancer diagnoses, so please remove this post if it's not appropriate, but I was hoping to find out what other peoples experiences have been without reconstruction.

Thank you very much.