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Biopsy Results

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Biopsy Results

Hi all,
I have just joined this group in the hope that someone can give me some info regarding the following?
I found a lump in my breast a couple of weeks ago - a sort of thickened mass. I have no family history of breast cancer, but I did have a fibroadenoma removed when I was 17 (I'm 35 now).
I had a mammogram done and it showed up to be clear, however they wanted me to have an ultrasound - this I had done and although they could see the lump they said it looked like little cysts, but said they were 95% sure it was ok, but recommended a needle biopsy....

I had this done, but when I got the results they said that they found some "suspicious" cells, labelled as CT4? Or was it B4?
They said this didn't mean that I have cancer, but it also doesn't mean that I don't either!

They have now referred me to a consultant to probably remove the lump.

I am worried sick about what is going on here, and although I know that it is all speculation until I know categorically what is going on, I have trawled the internet trying to find out any info regarding this "suspicious" cells from a biopsy, I have only found it in relation with a mammogram that was not clear, whereas mine appeared to be?
I have also been told that sometimes needle biopsies taken cells out of "context" with the surrounding area, therefore showing that something is wrong when it could just be "irritated cells".
I was a bit too upset at the time to think clearly to ask questions when the doctor spoke to me about this, so I was wondering if anyone can give me any info regarding this?
He also said that the chances of it being breast cancer is now 20%.

Any information would be greatly apprieciated.

Many thanks and best wishes
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