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Biopsy negative, mammorgram suspicious - So Confused! Advice please


Re: Biopsy negative, mammorgram suspicious - So Confused! Advice please

Thank you Tweedy, I just feel clueless as to whats going on? They haven't explained what they saw on the mammogram that was so concerning?

I'm so confused as I don't know all the lingo and feel I don't know what questions I should be asking?


Re: Biopsy negative, mammorgram suspicious - So Confused! Advice please

Hi Foxy,
I'm sorry to hear that you are still in the dark about everything and I can feel your stress about the situation.

I would try and take it as a good sign that they are giving you benign results but being thorough by investigating further.

I have been tested following the discovery of a lump and dimpling, however, after a clear Ultrasound and Mammogramm and 2 normal FNA, they proceeded with MRI, a 1cm t2 weighted, linear area did show up on enhancement, but they are only recommended a 6 month follow up as the other imaging was clear. I have tried to push for at least a core biopsy or even excisional biopsy, but due to my age, 33, they are happy to wait and see.

it's frustrating, as the only time anything has shown up is MRI, yet they have just left it at that...

Hopefully the MRI will give a clearer image of what is there and help them make further decisions. preserve with the nurse, they are a wealth of information and comfort and even try the helpline on these forums, as the weekend is a long time to wait with a lot of questions.

hoping you get some clarity soon, I agree that knowing what you are dealing with, whatever that may be, is easier than this limbo that we have been left in...but at least there is still nope for a good outcome, unlike the brave ladies on here!

Biopsy negative, mammorgram suspicious - So Confused! Advice please

Hi everyone,


I went for my biopsy results yesterday, I have never been so scared in all my life!  They were running an hour late so the wait was even worse.  I had been told that the chances were 50/50 so I had built myself up to get a yes or no (I think Id resigned myself to a yes).


When I went in the consultant said that the biopsies had come back negative but they didnt tally with the mammogram so they wanted me to have an mri.  This threw me completely and my mind went blank!  I asked what else could cause my swollen lymph node and he said something but I only caught the end of it. "fighting a malignant tumour".  I asked when the mri would be and he just said I'd have to wait for an appointment in the post.  He didnt elaborate on anything and I felt very rushed as though they were trying to make up some time as they were running so late.


I feel like I'm still in limbo, I feel a bit daft for not asking lots of questions but I'd only thought of questions to ask if it was a yes! 


I remember when I had the biopsies they had to keep trying as they said the lump was hard and they were breaking through it.  My nipple is inverted and I have had discharge.


Has this happened to anyone else?  What would they have seen on the mammorgram that is still causing them concern?  I have a longish lump on the right hand sife of the breast and a dense area to the left hand side of the same breast.


I have telephoned the BCN this morning and left a message asking for them to go over the results with me but they close at lunch time so I don't expect they will ring back until next week now.


I feel so confused, I almost think I would have felt better if I'd got a yes and this is what we are going to do about it.  Is that really bad?  I just hate the not knowing and the waiting.


Anyone with any advice or similar stories to share I would greatly appreciate it xxx