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Bloating after surgery

Community Champion

Re: Bloating after surgery

Hi Perrie, pain killers usually cause me constipation, but I put my funny bloated tum down to those dratted injections I had to have. It did clear up. Ginger biscuits and ginger tea helped . Hope you improve soon. X


Re: Bloating after surgery

Hi Perrie!

I have had 2 general anaesthetic s (March 30th and May 3rd) I have had symptoms of IBS since the last one....i thought there must be a link!

Sandra x

Bloating after surgery

Hi, has anyone else experienced bloating and slow bowels after a lumpectomy and axillary clearance?

i had my surgery on Friday and ever since I've been feeling really bloated and bunged up, although I have opened my bowels a couple of times. My appetite has not been good since surgery so I've not really eaten much but I feel As if I've eaten a 3 course meal all the time and look 8 months pregnant! It's a good job I'm still in pj's as I doubt my jeans would fit me at the moment! 

I wonder if it's due to the anaesthetic?