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Body changes


Re: Body changes

Hi I was the same had a lot of peelig skin and flakes around the nipple keep moisturizing and eventually it will all come off and the new skin will appear, I am 7 weeks post rads and have healed well although nipple is very dark in colour and under the breast is different colours and my breast looks slightly smaller than the other one I hope you heal soon 

Sue C
Community Champion

Hi milyRe: Body changes

Hi Emily

How long is it since you finished rads?

I had this for a while after, so I think what you're experiencing is normal, but check it with your rads team just to be sure. Keep using the E45 cream, or alternatively I was given Medihoney which my rads team gave me. Or you can buy it from Amazon.

Hope this helps xx


Body changes


I had stage two breast cancer and I went through and operation to remove the cancer lump itself and then went through radio therapy to clear around. I've been given the all clear and I have been discharged.

For a about four weeks, my nipple has had crusty white flakes coming from it when I scratch it. It is also warm and very itchy. I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this and I wanted some advice on what to do before I bother the lovely nurses.

Thank you
- Emily