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Both parents had Breast Cancer

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Re: Both parents had Breast Cancer

Hi Thank you so much for the reply. Im onto it!




Re: Both parents had Breast Cancer

Hi Naturaljazz

If your mum had bc in her 60s and had no other family history of either breast or ovarian cancer then its very unlikely there would be any significant increased risk from your mum.

However male breast cancer is very very rare.... Only around 300 cases per year in the uk.... And although most male breast cancer is not genetic... Families with gene changes in the brca 2 gene see a higher incidence of male breast cancer.

Now the guidelines for testing for genetic mutations changed quite recently but im not sure if 1 case of male BC would allow you or your sister to be tested based solely on your dads diagnosis but if there were other breast, ovarian, pancreatic or prostate cancers in your family then you may fir the criteria for testing.

In families such as iur own you would have been eligible for early breast screening in your 40s if you were aware of dads diagnosis at that time, however if he is the only affected individual on his side of the family you would normally revert back to routine screening from 50 onwards.

This is the screening guidelines from the institute of cancer research dated jan 2013. But the NICE guidance changed in june 2013 so these might be under review....


But i woud suggest asking your gp to refer you back to genetics again to discuss in light of the new guidance from NICE


Hope that helps

Love Lulu x
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Both parents had Breast Cancer

My mother is alive and has had breast cancer in her 60's. My father also had breast cancer in his late 60's. He died from a sinus cancer in his 70's.

My parents were offered genetic testing so that we would know if there was a genetic component to the breast cancers, but alas they refused

My one sister and I have been to the genetic service for a talk through a few years ago, but we left feeling that it was all about money and we were not offered any extra screening other than every 3 years (which always ends up later as Wales has mobile units and they are always behind on the schedule). My sister and I are in our 50's, we have two more sisters,  aged 52 and 62, but don't know if they have breast cancer.

I have never come across any other families with both parents having breast cancer and still feel that it would have been beneficial to annually offer us a mammogram.  In view of us not being able to be tested as my mother refused to be tested, I wonder if anyone  has any knowledge on how we could have yearly mammograms as we both worry a lot about our risk.  Thank you.