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Bra Fitting after Mastectomy and Reconstruction


Re: Bra Fitting after Mastectomy and Reconstruction

This is great Nell. I’m so sick of my horrible front zip sports bras and dream of wearing a nice bra again. I’m 4 months post mx and recon, but only 3 weeks post symmetry op. Thanks for the recommendation of John Lewis, that’s where I’ll head ASAP!x

Re: Bra Fitting after Mastectomy and Reconstruction

Hi Nell1921,


Thank you for sharing such a lovely story and I'm glad to hear you had an excellent bra fitting session. I'm sure other users will be along to show their support soon.


Best wishes,



Bra Fitting after Mastectomy and Reconstruction

Hello hope you all had a lovely Easter.


I am 6 months after SMX with immediate reconstruction and no further treatment needed. At the beginning I never thought I would get used to implant but I have. Still wish it had never happened. I was told at 6months all being fine I could start underwired bras again. Up to now I never felt comfortable so I took myself off accompanied with sisters to John Lewis for a fitting. Truth to tell I never thought I would get one to fit properly.


I quietly explained to the lady fitter my situation  and to say was excellent is an understatement. She knew I was uptight and chatted to me generally in the cubicle then measured me told me I was having problems as what I was wearing was too big. Off she went and the next thing I knew she had stools brought in for my sisters to sit outside the cubicle and then brought a lot of bras. She knew so much of the procedures I had undergone and what must be avoided. Checked that I had spoken to the BCN to get go ahead and generally made me feel so much better. After a few tries I could not believe it when I stood in a perfectly fitting bra. I asked how she did it and her reply was she was fitting the reconstructed breast and knew once that was fine the bra would fit perfect. Told me to pop my top on and see the difference and opened curtain to show sisters So they were included. It was very special. We meet a lot of " Angels" on this journey and she certainly is one of mine. I left with her saying pop back if any problems and I told her she will be seeing me regularly lol.I Now feel great in my new bras and it is a big step to feeling normal again.


So ladies if you are just starting out you will get there and eventually wear pretty bras again.


Take care.

Nell x