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Brain mets

Re: Brain mets

Just a few thoughts....use or discard as you wish...it has to be what you want to know..... What are you suggesting as treatment? why. what will that involve ..what are the potential benefits/risks....how likely is that to provide benefit and how much...will it be combined with other treatment? If money was no object what would you recommend.....?availability of cyberknife or equivalents to Welsh patients and would it be appropriate....likewise availability of surgery and appropriateness..why etc.

?ask about second opinion and where he would recommend.

What if I dont have treatment...what will happen...what support.......etc.

?involvement of palliative care etc.

Good luck.xx



Brain mets

Newly dx yesterday and seeing Onc and team this morning. What questions do you think i should be asking? Im so scared and the family are desolate. ...again!!!
How many of you have brain mets and how long ago were you diagnosed? I dont have any symptoms yet apart from a few mild headaches in last 3 weeks and 1 spell of giddiness last week.
What else can I expect?
Love to all of you. Bev xxxx