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Breast Pain and Cancer


Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.


I get very confused as the pain is not constant with days in between that are pain free. It's just that we all have learned that pain indicates something is wrong.....and it is hard to ignore when it is present.





Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Hi Bassplayer,


So sorry to hear about your recent pain. I completely understand why you would be worried about it, especially as your doctor does not find it a cause to be concerned. 


If the pain continues, perhaps you could visit a different GP.  I'm not saying your doctor is wrong, but the worry and stress won't do you any good, so maybe a second opinion will help clear things up for you?


All the best,



Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Thank you xxx

Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Your very welcome, always happy to help if I can 😊 I was 46 at diagnosis in March 2015, been all clear ever since and living life to the full! Don't waste your time fretting love, life is too precious to waste worrying, remain vigilant but don't let it consume you Xx Jo 

Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Ah bless you Jo and thank you so much, again, for replying.


Yes it has helped me. I am thinking that as my pain is not constant or regular and nothing can be felt, then maybe similar to you and possibly in time, something will present itself if it is going to.


I have had my pain on and off since May this year so I feel a little better that it is a short amount of time by comparison. Thinking that maybe I should tell myself nothing has been felt (yet) so to get on with my life and try and put it behind me.


Thank you again, so  much, for writing and also for saying I can ask any more questions that may arise. That is very comforting. Oh, out of interest, may I ask your age?


Many thanks you have been very kind


best wishes


Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Hiya, sorry for late reply, only just seen your message.


I had breast pain for over 10 years which I did nothing about as it came and went and I couldn't ever feel any lumps so didn't think it could be anything to worry about.


I was referred to the breast clinic when I went to my GP about a lump in a different area to the pain , this turned out to be just fat but while it was being checked out via ultrasound another area was spotted right where I had the pain, a biopsy diagnosed this as a benign fibrodenema and the cause of the pain but also by sheer chance they picked up some early grade cancer cells forming on the edge of it.


my fibrodenema was removed and was 10mm and the cancer cells were 4mm none of which could be felt or seen on a mammogram so I was very lucky they picked it up when they did, they were Very clear that my fibrodenema was not cancerous and it was sheer coincidence that the cancer cells were forming around it. 


i hope this helps,and am more than happy to answer any further questions Xx 

Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Hi Jo


Thank you for writing.


Could I ask you a few questions please?


Firstly, did you have any lumps with your breast pain? Or was it just pain? As my GP (have been twice) cannot feel anything anywhere which is partly why I feel she may be so convinced it is ok?


Were you referred with the breast pain alone? And when the begnin lump was found, was it due to a referral for the breast pain or something else?


How long did you have the pain for before going to the docs? Or did you not go for that?


What were your symptoms when they were investigating for cancer?


Sorry to ask so many questions and I do thank you very much for responding to my message.



Re: Breast Pain and Cancer

Hi Bassplayer, pain isn't nessecarily a red flag where breast cancer in concerned but that's not to say it should be dismissed as a symptom as many ladies here will tell you.  


I had intermittent pain unrelated to my cancer which turned out to be a fibrodenema which is a benign lump , the pain would be sharp but not constantly, I would have a week or so without it bothering me it but the area was always tender if i prodded it .


It was discovered by chance while I was having tests for cancer and since removal I am pain free, If you are not reassured by what your GP has told you then go back and push for a referral Xx Jo 

Breast Pain and Cancer

Hello everyone...


I just wondered if any of you could possibly clarify what the guidelines mean for Breast Pain and Cancer as it states....constant or almost constant pain???


Does anyone have any idea what is meant by 'almost'??? What sort of gap/time lapse between the pain?  Would it be hours, days or weeks? 


My GP is convinced all is okay so no referral given and a bit worrying. My pain comes and goes.....maybe a few days in between.  The last time it was around 14 days.  I was just beginning to think it was gone and then it came back again.  I find it all a bit confusing....


Thank you for reading this