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Breast Rash - so stressed


Re: Breast Rash - so stressed

hi Bethany and sorry you have this worry. IBC is very aggressive, and if your rash has stayed stable for two months hopefully its something benign. You say your GP thinks its a fungal infection - have they given you anything to treat it, and if so how long have you been using it and have you seen any improvement? I would say go back if things arent improving - clearly its not "normal" so you do need to keep persisting till you get a proper diagnosis. You could also try giving the helpline a ring they can talk you through things.
Sue H-S
Community Champion

Re: Breast Rash - so stressed

Hi Bethany,


It is vso understandable that you are worried, especially as the rash has not gone away. Has your doctor prescribed you any creams? If so, give them a few days to see whether it gets better.


I just looked up the symptoms for IBC - and is says following - Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of breast cancer that grows along the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. Cancer cells may not form a lump but block the vessels. Symptoms include: redness, swelling or pain in the breast.


Do you have any history of breast or ovarian cancer in your family?


If it does not get better within 7 days it might be an idea to go back to him and insist on a referral to a Breast Care unit for a  digital mammogram, although, if there is no history in your family it may be a bit of a fight, if you are under 50. Having this would give you peace of mind, that nothing untoward is going on.


Warm wishes

Sue xx


Breast Rash - so stressed

I have had a rash on my breadt for 2 months and no other symptoms and it has remained fairly stable. My doctor has seen it twice and thinks it's s fungal infection.
Am scared it could IBC! What would you suggest I do?