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Breast cancer is back in my spine

Community Champion

Re: Breast cancer is back in my spine

Hi Poppy,
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, there are certainly many others here with a similar diagnosis.
Do go to the thread below, where you will be able to chat to the lovely ladies here, who are in a similar position to you:
Sending hugs
ann x

Breast cancer is back in my spine

Hi everyone just to let you know the biopsy in my neck showed breast cancer. I had an MRI/bone scan and it has been found in three places down my spine. I am now on Letrozole as my oestrogen was very high and have started the new drug Palbocyclib. 1st cycle I was in 125mg. Completely drained me so have asked for the 100mg to start tomorrow. I became nutropenic as they don't give injections like when I had Chemo to keep red/white cells working. Came out in cold sores and so much fatigue and run down. Fingers crossed I am better in the lower dose. Would love to make contact with anyone else in same position to compare notes!