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Breast cancer recurrence


Re: Breast cancer recurrence

Hi esther

Theres quite a few folk who have had recurrences or new primaries....

If it turns out to be cancer and is in the same breast then this is usually referred to as a recurrence..... If its in the other breast its usually a new primary..... If its in the lymph nodes or chest wall on the same side this is usually called a regional recurrence and if its in an organ or lymph nodes far away from the original cancer then its usually referred to a distant recurrence and is sometimes called advanced breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer (mets), secondaries or stage 4 breast cancer.

However most recalls are actually for benign things and not cancer.

I however have had primary Bc, a new primary, a regional recurrence and mets and although its scary its manageable.... The new primary (cancer no 2) was the scariest time of all as everybody fears it coming back and thats what it did. But once i knew what i was dealing with i coped ok.

I think when its your family its very very hard to cope with... My mum was diagnosed 15 months before my BC no 1 so like you i have a personal and family history.

Fingers crossed for your mum.

Please let us know how things go.

love Lulu xx

Re: Breast cancer recurrence

Dear Esther


It sounds like to have  lot to cope with right now.  You might find it helpful to talk things over with one of our helpliners.  They can offer practical information and emotional support.  They will be open tomorrow from 10-2 and on weekdays from 9-5.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Take care


Very best wishes



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Breast cancer recurrence

I already have breast cancer. I'm in the middle of chemo and I have radio to go. My mum had breast cancer 4 years ago. Last week she had a mammogram and now she's been called back for another biopsy. I want to hear from people who have had a recurrence because right now I feel overwhelmed.