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Breast changes - pregnant


Re: Breast changes - pregnant

hi Lj,
It is always the pits being in this situation, but you've done what you need to to get it resolved.
What we say whenever it arises on here, is to step away from google. It will not reassure, is not relevant to you personally & only feeds the anxiety monster!
Of all the things it can be, bc is the least likely, but the anxiety is horrible when waiting as its normal for the mind to go into overdrive. The vast majority of women here, especially younger women, get the all clear, no matter what their symptoms.
Do come back & chat whenever you need to & use this site for any information you feel you need.
Try & carry on as normal & keep yourself distracted, although easier said than done!
We've all been there.
let us know what happens,
ann x

Re: Breast changes - pregnant

Hi Lj
I can totally relate with what you are currently going through. I am 13 weeks pregnant and referred to the breast clinic with thickening of tissue. I went two weeks ago and was told it's probably pregnancy related but come back to see consultant. Fast forward a week later and I have had a core biopsy done and my lymph nodes in armpit are up. It's not looking good and I get my results on Wednesday. I am beyond petrified and can't stop thinking of my little baby. I really hope all turns out ok for us both xxxx

Re: Breast changes - pregnant


just popping in to say please don't worry about posting on the forum it is here so we can all support each other.  I personally don't have much experience in you particular issues, but someone on the forum will be able to share experience.  I can say the clinics are excellent, kind and caring and I am sure you will get your appointment within two weeks, ring if you don't.  Do let us know how you get on,  xxxxx

Breast changes - pregnant

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me coming in here.

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and about 5 weeks ago I had a red patch on the inside of my right breast and some small spots which look like orange peel when you pull the skin.

I saw the doctor and she said it was pregnancy related because when I lay down to be examined the breast was almost back to normal. The redness disappeared over the next few weeks.

The orange peel skin did not and from time to time the skin felt a lot thicker than the rest of the breast. I went to see my doc this week who said she can feel some thickness and has referred me to the breast unit. I'm terrified, a few weeks ago I had a stretch mark on the breast which now when I look at seems to be an indentation.

My breast is quite painful from time to time and I don't know if it's pregnancy or something more sinister (or it's me constantly checking it!)

Everything I google for my symptoms says it's cancer but nothing talks about the symptoms coming and going. If I'm lying down the breast almost looks normal. I have a little boy as well and I'm just so scared about the whole thing. My clinic sees everyone within 2 weeks of referral so I'm just waiting now.