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Breast lipofilling


Re: Breast lipofilling

Hi Sorry for the slow response, I don't come onto the forum as much these days. 


I had 4 lots of lipofill to fill in a pretty big dent left by my WLE and re-excision. 


I am delighted with the results and it hasn't re-absorbed to any great extent. Bruising only lasted for a couple of days. Depending on where they took it out, also meant it hurt different amounts on different occasions. 


1st time, difference to dent was frankly disappointing. Some improvement, but still a big dent. Fat taken from thighs and bruising limited. 


2nd time, BS said she was more ambitious with how much she transferred. Taken from further up thighs, again bruising minimal. Much happier with result, top end of scar filled out but bottom still had big gap. 


3rd time, meant to be the final time, I was on an early NHS trial and they were keen to see what the marginal gain was if they did several smaller grafts. Top end of scar back to the right contour, bottom quadrant fleshed back out more. Delighted with it. Fat taken from stomach, more bruising and seemed to take longer to settle down though. 


4th time, to try to fill out the bottom quadrant, we both agreed that it would be the last time. Apparently if they do more than a certain number the lumpiness of scar tissue starts to outweigh the smoothing from the process. Initially a little disappointed that it still wasn't perfect, but she told me that gravity would help over time and she was right. Actually now the results are very impressive. Graft from hips, ouch! 


I am 5 years post surgery, 4 lipofills starting from 1 year after and finished at 3.5 years, so over a 2.5 year period. 


All in all, I would definitely recommend. It hasn't reabsorbed significantly, if anything it has got better over time rather than worse. They were pleased with how it grafted and has taken. 


My advice would be, be patient... I am the least patient person in the world, I wanted it done, as much as possible as quickly as possible, but building it up, reflectng on previous result and then amending a little more has evened out my wonkiness and given a good result. I am far less self-conscious about my scars now and feel better about myself. 


I took arnica to minimise bruising but obviously that is a personal choice. Some surgeons tell you not to. 


Hope it goes well x





Re: Breast lipofilling

Possibily not - Cocodomal or Dihydrocodiene may be a better option, most of the pain will come from where the take the fat from, probably the top of your thighs!  Expect a lot of bruising in that area, so get some arnica in advance! They should send you home with plenty of pain relief when you are discharged. Also find some really baggy pj bottoms or trackies as anything tight is really not an option.

Good luck

K M x

Re: Breast lipofilling

Hi, I'm having my first lipofill in a three weeks. I had a bilateral DIEP in January but as I had had several lots of surgery before this I had a lot of scarring and the tissue was quite fragile. I had known that I would need a number of tweaks including lipofillings over the next years. I wondered how long the GA is and how long it takes to be " back to normal". Is regular paracetamol enough to control the pain?

Re: Breast lipofilling

Has anyone had recent lipofill? I had lipofill 3 days ago, had fat taken from stomach and put into boob following WLE 3 years ago  I wasn't expecting this much pain in my stomach, and it's so swollen and hard - I know it's early days but just wondered how long it would take for swelling to go down in my stomach? 

Re: Breast lipofilling

Thanks kitten_mad; helpful to hear the experience of others, think I may give it a go 🙂

Re: Breast lipofilling

Hi Savvykim, It definitely helps the shape but sometimes your body absorbs the fat and it can need more than one go. I had it done, and it really made a difference. Depending where they take the fat from - you can suffer from horrific bruises but after a week you'll forget all about it. Good luck K M x

Re: Breast lipofilling

Bringing this to the top for Savvykim


Jo, Moderator

Breast lipofilling

I have been offered Breast lipofilling to fill the "dent" left by my lumpectomy 3 years ago.  Has anyone had this proceedure and was it succesful?