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Breast lump help

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Re: Breast lump help

Hi Mumzie,

Well it's good you've acted promptly & have a breast clinic appointment. 

Although the anxiety is the pits, mostly there turns out to be benign reasons for any breast change, statistically, bc would be the least likely reason for it.

At the appointment, the dr will examine you & will likely do an ultrasound, you may get the 'all clear' then, but if it is not clear what it is, you may have a mammogram &/or biopsy of the lump done. Even of a biopsy is done, it does not necessarily mean that it's bc. 

If you need to chat further, do go to the 'have I got breast cancer' board, as this board is quieter & there are other ladies who are in your position there. 

If you want to, let us know how you get on. 

ann x



Breast lump help

Hi all I found a lump in my right breast went to see go as soon as he felt the lump made referral to hospital I have my appointment on Wednesday. I'm going out my mind with worry I'm 33 years old the lump is quiet big as it seems to have got bigger and changed shape also my breast has shurnk quiet a but in size have like dimpling of the skin around the lump been there for around 3months went to go back in may and was told I have no lump so here I am now can anyone telle what to expect at my hospital appointment. Have a very strong family history of female cancers.