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Breast pain and lump

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Re: Breast pain and lump



I know that 10 days seems like an eternity but actually I honestly believe that you would not get any better treatment than through the NHS and attend your appointment as booked but that is entirely up to you. 


Helena xxx




Re: Breast pain and lump

Hi Ann & ladybowler

Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate it. I definitely agree with the anxiety comments, I've been trying to distract myself a bit more this afternoon & not focus on the negatives as much which has helped a little.

I had a call from the clinic today, they can't see me for another 10 days which seems like such a long time. I'm considering having a mammogram done privately as I really just want to know now one way or the other what I'm dealing with. Thank you both for the reassurances that lumps don't always mean bc. I need to just be positive now both for myself & my children.

I'm glad I found this board, it's good to have someone to offload to. Xx
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Re: Breast pain and lump



Hello and welcome to the forum where you will get lots of help and support from the lovely ladies on here.  If you read some of the posts on here where ladies like yourself have found lumps etc., you will hopefully get comfort that it does not always turn out to be cancer as there are a lot of other benign breast conditions it can be and the breast clinic is the best place to get these sorted as they dont just deal with cancer.


This is a horrible time whilst you are waiting to attend the breast clinic. One thing to remember is that not all lumps are cancer, there are a lot of benign breast conditions it could be.


The trouble is at times like this the anxiety monster takes hold of us and we can not think rationally.  We start to get aches and pains which we believe is that the cancer has spread, which when thinking rationally is probably because of the stress of the situation and the tension we are feeling.


If you have a really good friend that you could confide in I am sure that would help you immensely and also that they could go to the clinic appointment with you.  They can be a support for you and also another pair of ears, because even when we are told good news because of the heightened state we are in, we do not hear what is being said.


You should get your appointment date soon as they protocol is within 14 days from the date the referral is received by the breast clinic, please do not worry if it comes through with a date very soon in the future, that does not mean anything sinister, it is just that they have a slot free.


Try to take things one day at a time and set yourself small milestones so that you are not thinking too far ahead as honestly it is no good worrying about something that you do not know is going to happen yet.


If you are finding it hard to eat at the moment, try eating small snacks/meals.soups so that you are keeping up your strength because you really do not want to make yourself ill when you are looking after your children.


Come on here whenever you want and there will always be someone on here who will be able to support you.


Sending you a hug xxxx


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Re: Breast pain and lump

Hi Flora,
Welcome to the forum & so sorry to hear your story & of course, your feelings are going to be heightened at the moment.
The important thing is, you are dealing with it now & the anxiety you have currently, would affect how you're feeling physically.
Inevitably the anxiety is horrible when waiting, but if it's any consolation, mostly it turns out not to be bc & even if on the off chance it is, bc is very treatable now with some of the best outcomes out there.
Do come on here to offload whenever you want to & in coping with wait, you will get through it & it can help to keep busy & carry on as normally as possible.
ann x

Breast pain and lump

Hi all.
I really could do with some advice and reassurance! I've had pain on and off in my left breast for about a month now, finally got to the doctor last Friday who found a lump. I'd been checking my breasts and sometimes I thought I could feel a lump, sometimes I thought there was nothing there...I feel so stupid for not realising.
Anyway, I've been referred to the breast clinic and I'm worried sick. Literally, struggling to eat & feeling so anxious. I was widowed 2 years ago and have two young children. All I can think about is what will happen them. I've now developed pain around my left shoulder blade & slight shortness of breath which is making me more anxious! I don't know how I'm going to cope with waiting for my appointment. I haven't told anyone as I don't want to worry my family and friends but really need to offload. Any advice appreciated! X