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Breast pain


Re: Breast pain

Hello Jan


I also still have quite a lot of discomfort on the surgery side including my armpit. I mentioned it to my onc and was told it is pretty normal.

I also still get random swelling on the surgery side. I can't say I have noticed anything more than usual period related aches on the non surgery side.


I am sure your onc will reassure you when you see him and don't forget it won't be long until the first of your yearly mammograms.



Breast pain



I am now 5 months post 2 x WLE and 3 months post radiotherapy.  I always had the sharp electric shock type of pains straight after my surgeries but mostly since radiotherapy I have developed lots of achy type pains in both breasts and also under my armpits.  I know I'm probably paranoid but I cant help but keep thinking is it something more sinister than just normal post surgery pains. I;m really hoping someone else will tell me its normal as I dont see my oncologist until end of Jan.