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Breast pain .


Re: Breast pain .

Hi dk , i found about 5 days after my first chemo my breast pain eased .My lymph underarm was quite swollen and think thats why i was getting so much pain .The swelling has eased as has the pain .thank you for asking maria xx

Re: Breast pain .

Hi Maria


I've only just joined the forum, as I've just been diagnosed (last week) with a right sided Invasive Ductal BC.  My symptoms started out as that chest pulling type pain. 


I had the removal of extensive microcalcifications in the same breast about 2 years ago.  I go to the gym, so before Christmas I started getting (just occasionally) this sharp pulling pain in the right breast.  It never even crossed my mind it could be BC.  However, a couple of weeks later I then discovered 2 lumps and its gone frm there.  I'm scheduled to have a mastectomy and hopefully reconstruction on the 16th March.  My right breast has now become very tender to touch and the sharp muscle, pulling pain is becoming more evident as time's going on.


I noticed you posted late January, so wondered how you were getting on? 


Di x

Re: Breast pain .

Thank you ann for your reply .pain in boob and underarm been giving me grief today ..just curious what it may be x

Re: Breast pain .

Hi Maria,

So glad about your ct scan results, that sounds very reassuring.

As ever when going through this, the mind goes into overdrive & any ache or pain becomes magnified, it is quite common when going through this.

Once your treatment plan's confirmed & you're through this stage, it does get better.

take care

ann x

Breast pain .

Hi all .recently diagnosed grade 3 with underarm lymph node involvement .ct scan shows not in any other lymphs or liver , lungs ect still waiting on bone scan .no treatment yet , just wondering if anyone experienced breast pain , best described as pulled muscle pain in breàst and underarm .only been past couple days was diagnosed on wednesday no pain prior to this ..panicking a bit as not had bone scan results so thinking worst x maria