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Breast reduction - driving & other stuff post op


Re: Breast reduction - driving & other stuff post op

Hi Twinmummy,

I know what you mean about conflicting advice. After my mastectomy was booked I rang the hospital to ask how long I would need off work - the reply was two weeks. When I had my post-op appt with the surgeon and I told him when I was planning to go back to work he looked at me as if I'd gone mad!

As for driving - I can't comment on a breast reduction, but do check with your insurance company first. Whilst many of them are happy for you to drive if the medical advice says you can, some have their own policy and so have their own rules about how long you cannot drive for.


Breast reduction - driving & other stuff post op

Hi all
Last Wednesday I had a breast reduction on my good side prior to reconstruction later this year. The op itself went well, just one night in hospital and very little discomfort since. My sick note was for 2 weeks and when I asked the doc beforehand about when it was safe to drive, he was a bit vague but said around 2 weeks.
I went back to the hospital today to get the dressings off. The nurse there said I shouldn't think about driving for at least another 4 weeks, also seemed to think going back to work after 2 weeks was a bit soon and said to see how I feel. As my job doesn't involve heavy lifting I'm sure I will be fine back at work but not driving for another 4 weeks is a real drag. I guess I can see her point - breast is obviously swollen still and very bruised. Just wondered who else has had the op and what advice was given and how quickly they were 'back to normal'. The main thing that irritates is I often seem to get conflicting advice from hospital staff!

Also, nurse has said to wear a support bra for next 4-6 weeks night and day. I found wearing a bra really uncomfortable in bed and had bought an M&S crop top type bra which is lovely and soft, not as supportive as a normal bra, but at least wearable in bed. Feel like I've been 'told off' today though and have bought a new support bra which I will wear tonight.

Overall, the results have been really good though and I do like my new shape. Had always wanted a breast reduction - but didn't think it would come this way!