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Brilliant news but still unsure


Re: Brilliant news but still unsure

I'm really happy for you that you just have cysts and the doctor didn't seem concerned, but can appreciate why you have that niggling thought about what the mammographer said. I felt happy but frustrated when I went to the BCC last December and was given the all-clear but no explanation. It was excellent news and yet I wasn't satisfied with the answer that sometimes they just didn't know the cause of tethering.
I didn't expect to be returning so soon with new lumps, but I'm going to insist on a full explanation where possible at my appointment tomorrow. If you're still concerned, you could always phone up and ask to speak to someone. I'm sure all is well though and you can now look forward to the summer. x

Brilliant news but still unsure

Hi I just thought I would post that I have just got back from my breast clinic appointment and so happy to say I got the all clear. I am still a little baffled as the lady who done the mammo said God your boob feels heavier then your other and then said yes I can see one two I can see three cysts. Had ultrasound then saw doctor who said all clear. I can go on some cancer drug that will help with the pain but there's side affects. I asked him about the cysts and he said no everything fine. I am so happy but have a niggle in my head why did the mammo lady tell me there was. Has anybody else had this x