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Bupa and breast cancer care - cavity shaves not covered!

Bupa and breast cancer care - cavity shaves not covered!

Hi, I just wanted to get peoples feedback and opinions on this, and understand where we might stand in the future if private health care becomes primary. 


We have Bupa cover through my employer, Bupa pay a small amount of money to cover hospital visits, surgery & therapy in the treatment cancer is included, but they will not pay for the three cavity shave surgeries I underwent after the lumpectomy.

Bupa claim that it is not inclusive of the treatment of cancer, even though cancerous cells were removed, they say it is preventative surgery (surely all surgery is preventative) and that is not covered, they also claim cavity shaves are subject to a clinical trial, evidence of which I am unable to find.

All the NHS leaflets and advise online and in written form mention cavity shaves as part of the normal treatment of breast-conserving surgery. 


So if breast cancer treatment desicions were left to Bupa, 20-40% of women recovering from breast-conserving surgery would be left with cancerous tissue!