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Can a MRI have side effects?


Re: Can a MRI have side effects?

Hi Glo,

That experience must have been awful for you. Did the rads people have anything to say about it? I think it is very unlikely to have been caused by the MRI - one of the few types of scanning that doesnt have any spinoffs. BUT lying on the hard scanning bed for that length of time could have triggered the pain & inability to move. I am very careful in MRI scanning to make sure they pad me out well with their wedges all along the length of my spine on either side and extra support under my head. They don't usually offer these so make sure you ask them to get them out of the cupboard!


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Can a MRI have side effects?

Do MRI scans have side effects?
I had a MRI on Friday morning. This is the second one - however I was unable to walk or stand for the first one.
The MRI took about 30 mins and I knew my legs had gone to sleep. When the scan was finished I could not move my legs or sit up.
The tech and a nurse sat me up using a board.
The pain was horrendous and I nearly passed out.
The rest of the day I was sore , very tired and felt sick.
Yesterday the pain was off the scale, despite having taken my pain meds- Zomorph and Oramorph. I also felt sick and really tired.
To day the pain is lot better though I stil feel sick and tired.