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Can't get into 2nd gear


Re: Can't get into 2nd gear

Interesting! I have mast and free TRAM (or poss DIEP) recon on Saturday, advised no driving for 6 weeks. This week my ancient car with over 200k miles has given up the ghost and is to be replaced for when I can drive again. I've had automatics for about 20 years, more coincidence than any particular reason, but if using a manual gearbox is going to be a real issue I'll make sure I get another automatic this time! Thanks for bringing this up, I hadn't thought of it at all.


Re: Can't get into 2nd gear

Hi Lesley

When you say you can't get into second gear I presme you mean because it is painful. If it is because your arm is too weak then please be cautious, because this could also mean you could possibly not change direction quickly if required. This could leave you very open to legal problems if involved in even a minor accident that wasn't even your fault.

I routinely change from 1st to 3rd and as long as you are matching your engine speed to your road speed your car will not be caused any damage (in other words build up a little more speed and revs before changing up). On motorway journeys I then go from 3rd to 5th. This actually saves wear and tear on your clutch and gearbox.

I had the same op as you 5 weeks ago and I have tried driving off road briefly. I found the handbrake the most difficult, and the car I used has not got powered steering so that was a little difficult too.
Best wishes and safe motoring.


Can't get into 2nd gear

Hi everyone.

This might sound like a silly question but here goes. I had a mastectomy and immediate LD recon just over 6 weeks ago. I have started driving again and feel safe doing so but i can't get into 2nd gear. I'm going from 1st to 3rd which isn't doing the car a lot of good.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how long did it last.

Many thanks