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Can we get customised breast forms on the NHS?


Re: Can we get customised breast forms on the NHS?

Never heard of these being provided in UK on NHS.  Always worth asking as protocols do vary between areas/hospitals.  At my local hospital they don't even offer adhesive protheses so I dread to think what they'd say if I asked for a customised one!


The type that I wear (inside a pocketed bra) has a squidgy section on the back so effectively moulds itself to my chest wall anyway.  What's the point of customised one if it's being worn inside a pocketed bra unless one's chest wall is very uneven?  Or perhaps customised prostheses are adhesive?  Excus my ignorance. There's such a range of sizes and 'droopiness' that I've never struggled getting a match to my remaining breast either.   

Can we get customised breast forms on the NHS?



I just wondered if anyone had been offered a customised breast form following their surgery?  I've heard about them in the USA, but not over here yet.  The ones I'm meaning are where they take a cast of both your chest cavity following mastectomy and also your remaining breast (if you have one), and then create a  breast from silicone, that matches in well with your remaining breast, and is a perfect fit againstyour mastectomy scar and chest wall.