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Cancer Drugs Fund changes


Re: Cancer Drugs Fund changes

Sounds like good news, but there have been too many problens in recent years, with a drug being available through the Cancer Drugs Fund (that's how I got 7 cycles of eribulin in 2013) but later turned down on cost-effectiveness grounds by NICE, or whatever it is called these days.


Re: Cancer Drugs Fund changes

Hi nicky08,


I've spoken to our Policy & Campaigns team and they've provided the following response - I do hope it helps: 


Thanks for your comment. We want to reassure you that ensuring that those living with secondary breast cancer have access to the best treatment and care is of paramount importance to us. We are aware of the proposals to re-evaluate some of the drugs on the Cancer Drugs Fund list, and will continue to monitor developments relating to this, responding and keeping you updated.


We recently responded to NICE’s consultation on proposed changes to the way The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) assesses health technologies (new medicines, medical devices and other technologies) for use in the NHS in England. We expressed our concern that the proposed changes have missed an opportunity to restore public confidence in NICE decisions and ultimately improve access to valuable cancer drugs, as the Cancer Drugs Fund runs only to 2016. An announcement on the final updated guidance on this process is due to be announced by NICE this autumn.


We involve our Breast Cancer Voices in our campaigning work. If you’d like to add your voice to Breast Cancer Care’s campaigning work, consider joining our Breast Cancer Voices. 


Best wishes,



Re: Cancer Drugs Fund changes

Hello Nicky08


Thanks for your post, it has been passed to our press team to have a look at.


Best wishes

June, moderator


Re: Cancer Drugs Fund changes

Yes, a 160 million pound boost has been announced to the fund ,yippee to that.

Re: Cancer Drugs Fund changes

Thanks for the update Nicky. X
Community Champion

Cancer Drugs Fund changes

I have read on the BBC News website this morning that the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) is going to be reviewed. An extra top up of the Fund is due to be announced today but we shouldn't cheer are there are plans now to assess the effectiveness ie cost against lives extended, of the drugs currently available throughout the CDF. I think the findings will be highlighted on Newsnight as it is one of their reports. But, yet again, it sounds like we, secondary cancer patients in particular, will have more of a fight on our hands than we already have. I do understand that this may be 'posturing' gesture from the Government as they try to get the drugs companies to reduce their costs but it's certainly cause for concern and I hope that BCC will be adding their voices to others that will see this as a step backwards.