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Cancer in nodes


Re: Cancer in nodes

Hi jacquih1, welcome to the BCC forums

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through the concerns you have whilst you await replies from your fellow users, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and 10-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

Here's a link to further support services from BCC which you may find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

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Cancer in nodes

Hi everyone,


I feel like I keep falling in the small % all the time. I had a mammogamme last Oct and informed DCIS only small had a wire guided WLE in Dec only then to be told not got it all. Need mastectomy and recon. Date set fo 6/2 in the meantime had sentinel node and other pocedures done. 5 nodes taken not the one told only small % will have anything in the nodes as it is DCIS, 2 weeks on infection and horrendouse time then to be told, it is not DCIS in my nodes but I have cancer in 1 node and they do not know where the primary is and will not do a PET scan quoting protocols and cost!


Has anyone else had this problem I am sick to the stomach wondering where else it may be and now they are saying I need a clearance in my arm and the first hospital may have missed the cancer. 


Has anyone else been refused a PET scan all be cancer in your nodes? or had DCIS and cancer at the same time?