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Cheered up by chemo nurse.

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Re: Cheered up by chemo nurse.


It is good when you hear treatments work so well isn't it?  I know of a local lady who was a 'named' patient when Herceptin was first used and is still going strong on it some 10 years or more later.  Long may successful treatments continue!

Nicky x


Cheered up by chemo nurse.

Have been really positive since having good results recently but I still hate going to the hospital every 3 weeks because I can't live in denial the disease is there facing me. Plus today I had a 79 year old lady asking me very personnel questions about my treatment which just were not appropriate and I wasnt in the mood to answer. Anyway one of my favorite nurses was putting my drugs into me and out of the blue mentions a lady she gave her 100th Herceptin to yesterday and said how well she was. She went on to tell me that although they dont know everyones dx she does know that there are numerous ladies that have been coming for their Herceptin for a long time and do very well on it. She may of seen that I needed a pep talk I dont know but it certainly worked. Although my onc has said the same its good to hear from someone who works with us from day to day.Keep well everyone.x